Islamists impose Islamic way of life on non-suspecting and careless non-Muslims in every sphere of life in an incremental fashion so that before we actually realise, we would be for all practical purposes a practicing Muslim. Muslims have a strict code of conduct to adhere by which their lifestyle is categorised under two areas of operation: Halal (permitted or acceptable) and Haram (abhorrent). In all the prominent eateries in India which serve non-vegetarian food, be it the plush five-star or seven-star hotels or the luncheons hosted by the Government, airlines etc all serve only certified Halal meat.

Halal meat certification is given to meat butchered only by Muslims and consecrated by chanting Islamic verses. Apart from this it is the cruellest way to butcher an animal as it is done slowly by leaving the animal bleed to death as opposed to the swift “Jhatka” practiced by Hindus. The Government of India provides Halal Certification of food products through the FSSAI. As the minority Muslims demand to consume only Halal meat, practically all meat available in India is Halal meat, which makes Hindu butchers run out of business. So, this “Halalonomics” actually amounts to a “jizya” paid by all non-Muslims in a secular Indian state to consume meat and run meat business.

Recently, Christians in Kerala have, as per a report by The Times Now on 15.12.2020, decided to boycott Halal meat just ahead of Christmas. Kochi based Christian organisation, “Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action” (CASA) has urged all Christians not to buy Halal food as it is against the religious sensibilities of Christians to consume Halal meat. Hindu groups in Kerala have welcomed the move by the Christians and extended their support in boycott of Halal meat. Hindu groups complained that they are forced to sell only Halal meat in the state. The perpetuation of this “Food Jihad” is successful because of the ‘dhimmitude’ of the non-Muslims who form the majority of meat eaters in this country and do not mind consuming Halal meat.

While the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) of Kerala has called the campaign against Halal meat as attack on Muslims. The CASA has announced that they are going to pool in money to buy and slaughter the animals in a non-Halal manner. There is a growing sentiment among the Christians of Kerala against consumption of Halal meat.

Notably, Halal certification is mandatorily extended to all food items, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, which is exported from India to the Middle-Eastern Islamic nations. In fact, the American fast-food chain in, MacDonald’s serves only Halal meat in India, in fact their manager proudly stated that all their food and kitchens have Halal certification. Why should non-Muslims be forced to eat Halal meat? This situation has been silently accepted by the Hindus in India due to a combination of ignorance, political correctness to appear “secular” and sheer chalta hai attitude. A very dangerous extension of Halaonomics can be seen in the open advertisement of new Halal Residential Complexes by developers in parts of Kerala and in many areas of Jammu, forget Kashmir which is now virtually an Islamic state.

If this is not arrested here, we might soon have Halal Cinemas, Halal clothes, Halal Schools, Halal markets, Halal mobile phones and what not literally turning us from a “Secular” Nation to another Islamic Paradise like our ideal Islamic neighbours!

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