There is a powerful global network of Abrahamics which fund conversions to Islam and Christianity in India and also manufactures violent protests in India against policy decisions taken by the Government to curb fraudulent religious conversions, funding of  jihadi terrorism and leftist terrorism in India. The government amended the FCRA Act recently to introduce certain checks and balances to stem the misuse of foreign funds.

A report by the Legal Rights Observatory on 15.12.2020 revealed that, in the Diamond Harbour City of 24 Paraganas District, West Bengal, an NGO named Misbahul Uloom Educational Welfare Trust (MUEWT) received Rs. 8.6 crores as funds from a foreign NGO based in the United Kingdom called, Caravan of Mercy ostensibly for educational purposes. The funds provided by Caravan of Mercy was actually used by MUEWT to educate juvenile Muslims the merciless art of slaughtering cows. So, many of these Madrasas under the guise of providing free education actually radicalise young minds and are seminaries for waging jihad against non-Muslims.

Funnily, the Government of  India, which does not fund any Vedic Patshalas and have even taken over ancient Hindu temples which used to support many Vedic Patshalas before the government takeover, uses Indian tax payer’s money paid by a majority of Hindus to fund Madrasas which impart Islamic teachings. The Government of India has spent as stated in the Lok Sabha in 2016, over 1000 crores from 2009-2016 to modernise Madrasas; its current budget is over 300 crores per year. Additionally, these Madrasas get foreign funds from spurious organisations which specialise in converting people to Islam and promote implementation of Shariat in non-Muslim nations.

Coming back to our case,  the UK based Caravan of Mercy has a reputation of offering ‘Dawah’ (invitation to non-Muslims to convert to Islam) in a Christian country like the UK by slandering Jesus Christ and distributing literature like, “The Truth about Jesus, A Muslim Perspective”, “Islam at a Glance” etc denigrating Jesus Christ and Christianity. It is well known that Caravan of Mercy notoriously resorts to spreading venom and hatred against Christianity around the world in Christian nations. Therefore, it is quite baffling how was this noxious organisation allowed to fund Islamic educational societies and welfare trusts in India? It is quite obvious that the funds would go towards denigrating Hinduism and radicalise Muslims to doggedly follow their Arabian Islamic practices in flagrant violation of the laws of India.

The MUEWT in conjunction with Caravan of Mercy deliberately teaches the art of butchering a cow to young Muslim children to hurt Hindu religious sensibilities, who worship cow as mother. If strong legal actions like blacklisting and banning the Caravan of Mercy in gross violation of FCRA rules and closing down of madrasas and other educational institutions run by the MUEWT are not taken, it would certainly flare up into major riots taking many people’s lives or even turn the students of this organisation into jihadi terrorists in future. As they say, “A stitch in time saves nine”; hopefully the Ministry of Home Affairs does not dither from taking strict action against the dubious Caravan of Mercy by cancelling its FCRA registration on a petition filed by the Legal Rights Observatory. 

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