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With the glaring and brave exception of J.K. Rowling, the people involved with the Harry Potter franchise appear to have an extreme fetish for “transitioning” children.

The entirety of the popular culture machine in the West, of course, is fully inundated with gender ideology, but the Harry Potter people take it to level 12.

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who portrayed Harry Potter, recently hosted a cringe series called Sharing Space (the woke left being rhetorically obsessed with “space” and who “shares” it), facilitated by the child-transition advocacy organization the Trevor Project.

Via The Times (U.K.):

“Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter actor, has said that children should be trusted to transition from one gender to another if they wish.

The actor said that it was “condescending” for adults to question whether such a life-changing decision was in a child’s best interests.

Radcliffe appeared to support gender transition for young people of any age, while hosting a group discussion for an American LGBT charity, the Trevor Project.

In the half-hour conversation, which has been viewed almost 100,000 times on YouTube, Radcliffe asked six young people about their experiences of identifying as transgender and non-binary.

When Daley, a participant who was born male but identifies as female, insisted that it was possible for an 11-year-old to decide to change gender, Radcliffe said: ‘But there are also people who do have a slightly condescending but well-meaning attitude of like, ‘Well, people are young and like . . . you know, that is a huge decision’. I’d love to hear from all of you about, like, why we can trust kids to tell us who they are.’”

The gist of the trans propaganda hour here is that parents prevent children from transitioning (dovetailing with the ongoing corporate media project to undermine parental rights).

The Trevor Project (T.P.) markets itself as an innocent “nonprofit” foundation in the service of promoting human rights. In reality, it’s the premier LGBTQ+++™ propaganda machine in the West, and it’s swimming in cash.

Via 11th Hour Blog:

With $35 million (pdf) a year in funding, the TP’s size and scale enable them to engage in a weapons-grade propaganda campaign against vulnerable children and young adults. Their arsenal includes 24/7 chat services with an army of counselors trained in TP’s gender ideology via text (TrevorText), phone chat (TrevorChat), and a peer-to-peer forum called TrevorSpace that allows vulnerable kids as young as 13 to engage directly with other kids suffering a crisis of identity around their sexed bodies, and more disturbingly, with adults up-to (and sometimes older than) 25 years old.

Who funds the Trevor Project?  One is led to believe it’s merely a ragtag band of do-gooder rebels fighting the good fight.  In fact, it’s funded by the most well monied corporate interests on the planet:

Many of the brands Americans love, and trust fund the TP, including but not limited to Macy’s, Chipotle, and H&M. Their list of funders also includes social media tech companies, like Google, Facebook, and TikTok; investment houses, like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, media conglomerates like Disney and AT&T.  Not surprisingly, pharma companies like Abbvie, Gilead and Bristol Myers Squib among others are also partnered with the charity.

Transgenderism is big business.  The Fortune 500 got the memo: if they want to be a part of the post-human, transhumanist technocracy, they had better get with the program.

Same goes for talentless Hollywood ladder-climbers if they want to keep working.

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