Hindu girls lured into marriage by muslim men. Girls religion gets changed to Islam and every efforts are made by the muslim man, his family and his maulvi to ensure girls cut ties with her family. After successful execution of these, the converted Hindu bride faces two types of inhumane contraventions of her rights- 1. She is made pregnant multiple times then sold as a prostitute or female slave to other muslim either in India or outside. 2. She is forced by her muslim spouse to have sexual relations with his brothers, father, maulvi and others.

Here we analyse second inhumane contraventions of Love/Rape Jihad victim from psychological perspective. The series of sexually exploitative events a newly converted to islam bride goes to is largely a consequence of religion of Islam and Inactivity on the parts of Indian government.

Let me take you through religion of islam contribution to it. Islam teaches muslim to avoid contraceptives as children are gift of their god allah. Consequently, muslims wife reproduces higher number of children than a women should reproduce. Multiple pregnancies affects her private organs which render sexual activity for her and her partner less of satisfaction. This creates sexual frustration in both the partners which keeps in piling up. Secondly, since they have produced lots of children but muslim population are poorest of poor world wide as is put in various Islamic Conferences. This makes them love in small houses and slums. Children at lower ages gets to see their mothers in sexual activities with their father. This is where problem starts, since as a part of religion of islam sex is taught as a sin to children as is seen in Maulana Tariq Jameel etc videos of youtube that restraining sexual activities in this world will lead to Jannat with 72 hoors with round chest. When these children see their mothers in naked position with all those sexual activities they feel humiliated however, they cannot express or stop this so, muslim children learns to cope up with this and derive pleasure out of it. As par cuckold psychology studies, such encounters leads to development of cuckold and/or hotwifing tendencies in persons facing such encounters which in our case are muslims.

Upon growing up, such tendecies start dominating when they bring Hindu girl as a bride. This is because Islam permits humiliation of noN muslims prohibits enslavement of current muslims. To support this, I would quote Fatwa of Ahmed Raza Barevli who whose books of Fatwas operates muslim minds. Sanjay Dixit says “Barevli Fatwa orders everything to be halal(leading to Jannat) which inflicts pain of Kafeers(non muslims)”. Having sanction from their god allah, muslim groom starts attempting realisation of his hidden desires of cuckolding/hotwifing. But owning a slave is a matter of pride in islam so, to prevent newly enslaved and converted bride from running away or taken away muslim man offers her to this father, brothers and maulvis or any other person of extreme trust. Here, older men gets rid of sexual frustration which was building due to multiple pregnancies of his wife and the new groom gets to realise his hidden desires.

Coming to government’s part. Their inactivity and appeasement to muslim population also causes non muslim especially hindu girls getting targeted, converted and dehumanised. Government do not let the authorities act on such cases as par law which equals indirectly supporting these kinds of activities against non muslim girls. Moreover, as is seen in West Bengal, some times governments also support above activities because of their short term political interests despite the fact that tomorrow it will be their wife,sister, daughter and mother.

In addition to it, Shariat(Application) Act 1937, allows muslim to marry as par law of sharia thus once a girl is converted to islam her rights to approach court is gone. Having successfully cut her ties wither her family, the muslim family can now exploit her as much as they want because shariat court will never judge against the muslims as it will be haram(an act which will snatch Jannat). Girl is now fully trapped. Dehumanisation of her existence start only because she has female sexual organs and she did not take birth as a muslim.

The same Act further supports such incidents as it allows polygamy to muslims meaning a muslim man can have 4 wives. It becomes a matter of pride to have 3 wives as converted ones and 1 wife of muslim blood. Polygamy furthers the psychological problem we discussed above as only one man cannot economically and emotionally cater to the needs of 4 wives 12 children(taking 2.9 as average fertility rate of a muslim women) and himself.

There remedies to such contravention some of which I would list here. For governments, let authorities act and force them to act against any(however small the case is) case involving a muslim perpetrator( those who know Quwwat-Ul-Islam concept know What I mean. Watch Jaipur Dialogues video on youtube if you don’t know). Secondly, repeal Shariat Application Act 1937 to end special treatment of muslims in the eyes of law. Thirdly, In every and all cases trace the involvement of maulvi of the muslim and deal the maulvi as par law to curb islamic terrorism and islamic crimes at roots. Fourthly, Free temples of Hindus as it will help Hindus organise themselves, educate themselves and return the valour and mindset our great ancestors had.

For nonmuslim citizens especially Hindus, Firstly, Organise yourselves in groups of minimum 5 to 6 peoples to be able to act on muslims when they attack your family, sisters, temples, religion etc. Secondly, arm yourselves with weapons of self protection and learn and use them when needed as Supreme Court has ordered that even killing in self defence shall not cause any punishment. Thirdly, if you are adult and your children have been victim of Jihad and are no more in this world do consider eliminating random muslims as your future is gone there is little point in showing kindness to muslims. Fourthly, make temples in your area, make one pujari from amongst yourselves who is brave and can unite people, fund it and rise together as a bigger force against any islamic dominance. Fifth, try and convert atleast 2 muslims to our religion as Tufail ji says. Sixth, Any muslims abusing you or your religion, threatening your etc do lodge anonymous complaint at cyberdost.in . Seventh, Follow Sanjay Dixit, Swati Goel Sharma, Agniveer, Kreatly Media, Nupur J Sharma like people to stay in track of ensuring you exist.

Thank You


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