Thanthai Periyar was a feminist, a humanist, a social justice warrior, an iconoclast and a staunch rationalist, how can these ‘idiot illiterate’ bhakts question him and call him a bad person.

Isn’t calling one’s own wife “a new prostitute in town” feminism and humanism, not to mention rationalism? Indeed it is and a great feminist, Periyar referred to her wife as a prostitute. His statement was deeply and truly rooted in the idea of respecting all women and seeing them as just another normal person and not some slut, but ‘illiterate’ sanghis aka bhakts can’t understand that, fools!

He has also branded all Brahmin women as prostitutes, can a sanghi or bhakt ever say so? No. Not even Ambedkar can say that because he was a Brahmin agent as he married a Brahmin woman. But Periyar knew that by the profession of prostitution all women become financially independent, that’s the real reason why he referred even his wife as a prostitute. But sanghis would recall only Meenakshi jain and Sushma Swaraj to understand how women can achieve financial independence and get respect in the society. Such narrow minded bigots they are! This kind of rationalism and humanism of referring women as prostitutes is beyond the understanding of foolish sanghis.

“Periyar” constantly went about criticizing the language, its culture, its traditions and its traditions when it was not his place. Here are some quotes :

  • Tamil is the language of barbarians.”

  • “English is better than Tamil in all respects. One who knows English becomes a rationalist. One who learns Tamil gets bogged down by orthodoxy.”

  • “What will you lose by rejecting Tamil? What is it useful for?”

  • “Tamil is a nuisance and all Tamil poets are enemies of rationalism.”

  • “Tholkappiyan was sold-out to Aryans. He is a traitor who simply wrote Aryan dharma as Tamil grammar”.

  • “Kamban is a traitor. He considered himself a Brahmin and portrayed Brahmin traditions as Tamil cultures.”

  • “The Bhakti movement and all the Tamil literature that came out of it have to be set on fire. It was a movement by Brahmins who wiped out the Jains by instigating the common people using Hinduism.”

  • I suggest to get rid of all Tamil letters which belong to time of Barbarians and use the English alphabets to reform Tamil.”

  • “I urge everyone to converse at home in English. Shun Tamil and converse in English with your wife, children and even, the servants. Only English will reform you.

A person who terms every Tamil speaker as a brabarian, a person who says Tamil is a nuisance, a person who says all Tamil poets are enemies of rationalism, a person who wanted people to shun Tamil for English is the person who is loved by Tamils the most. Now, there would be some brain dead people who would always rationalise these sentences. They would say he opposed Hindi and Sanskrit, which is true but at the same he also says to shun Tamil. Should Tamils have him as a leader who’s terming them barbarians? Maybe yes. Maybe no. They should decide. I’m just here to speak unpleasant facts which they don’t want to listen!

These sanghis and bhakts would not tell you how a son/daughter feels when his/her mother is called as a prostitute. Periyar used to tell his followers to refer every tamizh Brahmin they encounter as “son of a prostitute”! This is true feminism,true humanism, true rationalism. This is social justice and staunch rationalism which of course illiterate sanghis can’t get. Fools they are!

P.S. He was not given any award by UNESCO. He was awarded as Socrates of south India by an association in Mylapore, which was funnily named UNESCO mandram.

Hail Our Periyar!

Source – The ninety-four shades of E.V. Ramasamy “Periyar” Naidu

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