Merging with India will not only help Sri-Lankans get rid of the corrupt, anti-national Rajapaksa clan, but also save them from Chinese predatory Imperialism.

Ankush Bhandari has explained in his article here as how Sri-Lanka has plunged to the grave economic crisis which is threatening to tear Sri-Lanka apart.

The whole crisis can be blamed on one single factor i.e. the Rajapaksa clan who have worked against the interests of Sri-Lanka to promote their own and China’s interests just like the Gandhi dynasty in India. Refer here which explains the crucial role played by Sonia in strengthening China at the cost of India’s interests.

Lets understand why and how the Sri-Lankans will politically and culturally benefit if they merge with India.

  1. India is a democratic country unlike China, Russia or the Saudi. Hence, the Sri-Lankans will have their rightful stake in the Governance just as the other states of India in accordance to their population.
  2. India is a federal country (on similar lines as US or Germany). This will ensure that the Sri-Lankan Govt will have their rightful stake in Parliament.
  3. Unlike China or Russia or Pakistan who force their own language (Russian, Chinese or Urdu) on linguistic minorities, India has an elaborate eight schedule where all major languages are listed and states have right to propagate their own language.   Sinhalese (major language spoken in Sri-Lanka) can be listed in Eighth schedule.
  4. Sri-Lankans are Hindus (who worship the Buddha, the Ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu) and hence have deep religious and cultural ties with India.
  5. China has long set its predatory eyes on Sri-Lanka. With Sri-Lanka merging with India, China’s influence in Indian Ocean will go down and hence Sri-Lanka will be guaranteed freedom from Chinese colonialism.
  6. Last, but not the least: Rajapaksa amended Sri-Lanka’s constitution to give himself more power (similar to what Indira Gandhi did during emergency). With Indian constitution being applied on them, the Sri-Lankans wont have to face these type of political mavericks.

In nutshell, Sri-Lankans will have more rights as a citizen if they merge with India.

Lets understand why and how the Sri-Lankans will economically benefit if they merge with India.

  1. The food, petrol, energy crisis will become a thing of past. Why? India is a big country. If any such problem arises, resources from other states in India will be pushed and Sri-Lankans will never face such crisis.
  2. Sri-Lankans will get a big market to export and import and hence will be benefited financially.
  3. The mainstay of Sri-Lankans’ livelihood is tourism. Sri-Lanka is a very beautiful place. With no travel restrictions, Indians can freely move to Sri-Lanka and vice-versa.

What should be the way forward?

  1. Sri-Lankans should kick out the Chinese agent (Rajapaksa clan) just as Indians kicked out the Chinese agent Sonia Gandhi (and the clan) in 2014.
  2. After a referendum, apply Indian constitution with exceptions in article 371 as provided to many other states.
  3. Split the Tamil speaking areas of Sri-Lanka and merge them with Tamil Nadu.
  4. Make rest of Sri-Lanka a state of India just like other states like UP or Odisha or Kerala.
  5. Add Sinhalese as a language to the eight schedule of Indian constitution.

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