Left backed mainstream media has always under-reported the cases of love jihad. It is the social media that we can get the news of the alarming number of love jihad cases. Love jihad means, a Muslim jihadist targets the Hindu girls to trap them in his love for marriage and later force them to convert to Islam. When the Hindu girls convert to Islam after getting married or eloped with a jihadist lover, jihadist use those girls as sex slaves to produce multiple babies. Later, those jihadists kill the converted Hindu girls if they deny accepting the nefarious means of their jihadi lovers. Many times when they get enough of the sex slavery of the girls, they sell them to others for prostitution. Therefore, the question arises about what to do to save over daughters and sisters from the love jihadists. Here are some of the suggestions if we think and adopt, we can save our daughters from love jihad.

  • Educate Them the Consequences of Love Jihad:

We must recognize the need to educate our daughters about the plight of the girls who had been the grass of love jihad. Tell them that those girls have eloped from home and later have converted to Islam leaving their own parents and beautiful religion suffering. Later those eloped girls have been killed by their own jihadi lovers or sold for prostitution. Educate our daughters that falling in love with Muslims will lead them to a miserable life.

  • Tell Our Children the Jihadi Agendas of Bollywood Movies:

Most love jihad cases are inspired by the onscreen stories where a Hindu Girl elopes with a Muslim Boy. We must educate our sisters and daughters that Bollywood is majorly funded by the Mullah mafias. Therefore, they want to disseminate their own narratives of the Islamic state. We must educate our children to avoid the jihadi agenda movies, Netflix, Prime, and other OTT platform series.

  • Educate our Daughters that Onscreen Love Affairs are not True in Actual Lives of Actors:

Bollywood jihadi stars have always seen promoting the love Jihad agenda on-screen, where a Hindu girl falls in love with a Muslim and gets married. However, this is not true in their actual lives. Salman Khan has ditched Aishwarya Ray. Saif Ali Khan has divorced his earlier wife and got married to another Hindu actress. Kajol never married to Shahrukh Khan who has always been shown in love with her on screen. We must educate our children that on-screen love stories are just for entertainment not to be followed in actual lives.

  • Tell our Children that our Education System is also Biased:

When you discuss at home, discuss the biased aspects of our education system. Tell our children that the glory of Hindu rulers is shown meagerly in our textbooks. Show them the Hindu books: Ramayana, Gita, Vedas, and Upanishads. Educate our daughters that Taj is not the symbol of love as Shahjahan has multiple wives and love affairs. This is a narrative of the first education minister of India Maulana Abul Kalam that he glorified injudiciously only the mullah rulers in our education system instead of Hindu rulers.

  • Tell them the Women Oppressive Culture of Muslims:

Mullahs don’t have the concept of the female gods. They use women as an instrument of sex. They keep them covered in Hijabs and do not let them come in public to speak up to their most desires. Therefore, how they can let a girl from other religions flourish after conversion to Islam. This must be told to our daughters and sisters that if Muslims do not allow their own women to speak, how they will allow others to practice freedom.

  • Instill the Values of Hindu Deities’ ‘Shaktirupa’ in Our Children:

We should let our daughters and sisters know the Shaktirupa form of our deities as Kali, Kripalini, Durga, Chamunda, Kalratri, Kalbhairavi, Mundmalini, Chhinnamasta, etc. These values of Shaktirupa Devi instilled in our children will boost their confidence in fighting jihadi Rakshasas of the modern world. The moment when our daughters and sisters will be full-fledged in cognizance of Shaktirupa values, no Rakshasa will ever be able to target them.

  • Let them Love Lord Krishna and Rama:

Lord Krishna and Rama are the ultimate symbols of love and commitment. Rama has traced her wife, Sita, despite all the difficulties showing the utmost dedication. Lord Krishna and Lord Rama have given the honor to their loved ones be called before their first names as Radha Krishna and Sita Ram. Tell our daughters that they are the Shakti and their fathers are Lord Shiva and Vishnu.

The cases of love jihad are alarming. We must keep a close eye on our children. We must support them from the beginning of their childhood days to their young age. We must educate them that Mullahs deliberately target Hindu girls for their nefarious means. We can definitely save our people from love jihad by following the given points.

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