Sample here:

Who demanded Partition of India (that happened in 1947)?

AIML = All India Muslim League


AIML wanted separate nation for Muslims.

What was the share of Muslims in population then?


How was it done?

By ballot.

How many Muslims voted for partition?

In the vicinity of 95%.

IUML= Indian Union Muslim League.

When was IUML formed?


IUML has been a recognized political party by the Election Commission of (partitioned) India.

Who invaded India and spread Islam (by force) in India?


Moghuls came from where?


Which country was gifted by India, in the very first round, 1.5 Lakh doses of Coronavirus Vaccine on 21st Feb 2021?


The line between bravery and foolishness is said to be very thin. So is true about India’s humanity and insanity.

No Love Lost for India

“I beg to move, That this House has considered the matter of persecution of Muslims, Christians and minority groups in India.”  In UK Parliament, Jan 12, 2021. ( DE28505613B3/IndiaPersecutionOfMinorityGroups)

While there are legal protections for religious groups and minorities, Indians still generally experience “high” levels of government restrictions on religion. Pew Research Center, USA, June 29, 2018. (

Intolerant India!

BTW: Those restrictions are on religious conversion in some states, that have historically happened in India by allurement, deceit, and force, and it is certainly a big pain for those who have had a field day there.

The Shocker!

The Kerala State of India has a Government Department since 1980: Kerala State Development Corporation for Christian Converts from Schedule castes and the Recommended Communities Ltd., with the main objectives to promote the comprehensive social, educational, cultural and economic upliftment and other living conditions of the Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities. Their Schemes and Programmes include

1. Agricultural Land Purchase Scheme

2. Foreign Employment Scheme

3. House Construction

4. House Revamping

5. Marriage Loan

6. Self Employment Scheme

7. Education Loan

8. Landless Houseless Scheme

9. Personal Loan etc. 

Interestingly, this department was started in 1980 soon after adding ‘Secular’ word in the Indian Constitution by the ruling Congress Party , under the Leadership of Indira Gandhi, in 1976, during national Emergency, when opposition was stuffed in jails and the term of the Parliament was extended by one year.

Hindu Majority India!

Where government officials take oath of office by putting hand on the Constitution of India, and not a religious book of the majority group, as is done in many other (free and model) countries of the world.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

“The Easiest way to continue a banned organization is to reorganize it under a different name.”

“The law says: The organization is a separate legal entity from its members.”

“But law also provides for ‘lifting the veil”

Practical Wisdom: “Man behind the project is more important than the project.”

Man= His/ her Intent, goals and values.

Contributed by an octogenarian Indian.

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