You might have heard of the word “Secularism”.
To the ones who live outside of India, this has one meaning, the original meaning. But to the ones who live inside of India, this has, unfortunately, taken up a whole new meaning of it’s own, a meaning which is distorted, twisted and inherently anti-secular.

In countries outside of India, Secularism basically means “The Separation of The Church (Religion) and The State (Country)”, meaning that the Country will try as much as it can to reduce public show-off of their religious activities, for the sake of public welfare.

But within India, Secularism literally has the opposite meaning, and the Indian Version of Secularism can be summed up with “All Religions are Equal”, which is an inherently anti-secular slogan, since Secularism is a movement which itself began as a method to distance people from Abrahamic Religions.

The very point of Secularism is to ignore Religion as a whole and not let Religion interfere with the Public Life, but within the Crappy Indian Secularism, letting certain people occupy the entire streets and footpaths on Friday is completely fine!

The very point of Secularism is to ignore Religious Brainwashing and not let Religion interfere with Student Life, but within the Crappy Indian Secularism, letting missionaries, pastors and “fathers” hijack the Education System is completely fine! 


                       Anti – Secular Activity — Harming Public Peace = Anti – Secular Activity

I hope you understand the point – Indian Secularism is not Secularism at all, it is a crappy, twisted, distorted version of the Original Secularism, to the point that it is no longer “Secularism” at all, but rather it is just a way to justify and enforce the horrific practices of the Abrahamic Religions.

This applies only to Indian Secularism, and not Secularism from other countries, as the Secularism from other countries, like France, is True Secularism, but it is only the Indian Secularism that uses the concept as a sort of weapon against Dharma to progress their hidden Abrahamic Agenda. This phenomena of a “Distorted Secularism”, meant only to attack Hindus, is only happening in India, not outside.

For example, a truly Secular Country would ban Goat Slaughter on Eid, but no, this Indian State allows the Goat Sacrifice on Eid, but it only bans the “pashu-bali”. Now, both Goat Sacrifice and Pashu Bali are not the Dharma of this Yuga, but rather they would be the Dharma of previous Yugas like Treta Yuga, and the only Dharma of this Kali Yuga is Bhakti and Nama-Japa (Chanting Names of Supreme), so both of these animal slaughter practices are simply unnecessary right now. So now, if the Indian State was truly Secular, it would ban both of these animal slaughter practices. But NO, it ONLY banned Pashu Bali, and allowed Goat Sacrifice! This shows that Indian Secularism doesn’t care about Secularism, but rather it only cares about harassing Hindus, that is the intention. 

In America, the State completely does not interfere with any Religious Activities whatsoever – That is True Secularism! (although this mainly benefits the majority Ricebags, not anyone else).

But in India, “The State” is a bit more cunning. What it does is that it only does not interfere with the Abrahamic Religious Traditions, but it heavily interferes and heavily intervenes and maybe even persecutes, only and only, the Hindu Religious Traditions, and only intervenes with the Hindu Temples.

You tell me, in a Truly Secular State, where Religion and State are separate, should a Government have control over the affairs of Temples? Is that really “Secular”, given that Secularism literally means “Separation of Religion and State”?

This weird phenomena in Indian Secularism occurs because Indian Secularism, unlike all the other Secularisms of the world, does not care about Separation of Religion and State, but it only cares about the Destruction of Hindu Culture, Hindu Traditions and Hindu Everything…

But how is that possible? Why is Indian Secularism so different?
Because Indian Secularism, in particular, is a Colonial Invention.

American Secularism was founded by Americans.
French Secularism was founded by French during their Revolution.
But… Indian Secularism… was founded not by Native Brown Indians,
but by the White Anglos of Britain! Huh?!

         Imperialists Inventing The Horrific “Indian Secularism”

So anybody supporting the Indian Construct of Secularism is inherently supporting something not only incredibly anti-secular in nature, but they are also supporting something which was not created by the Native Indians, but by the White Anglo Imperialists. Therefore, anybody who supports “Indian Secularism” is inherently a White Supremacist and an Imperialist Sympathizer. This applies not to the Good Supporters of True Secularism, but only the Bad Supporters of “Indian Secularism”, an Imperialist Invention.

Secularism has currently become a bad word only in India, but it has remained a good word outside of India, and that is because Indian Secularism and True Secularism are NOT the same, and they are completely different. Indian Secularism seeks the destruction of Hinduism only, targeting one religion alone, but True Secularism graciously separates All Religions from the State without any hassle.

Just like Socialism is Socialism, but Anti-Semitic Socialism is “National Socialism”, similarly – Secularism is Secularism, but the Colonial Indian Secularism is “National Secularism”, or Imperialist Secularism.

Native Hindu Resistance Against Imperialist Secularism!

So it’s a good thing that Indians are now rejecting this horrific imperialist construct of “Indian Secularism”, and it’s a good thing that the Native Hindus are finally waking up to this Imperialist Construct that was imposed with the intention of destroying them from the very beginning.

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