So as we head into the election with less than 13 days to go, the polling shows a clear Biden lead over Trump which has more or less stayed consistent, neither of the candidates has gained or lost any big number.

However there is one thing that most of the polls got wrong in the 2016 and they might just get wrong this time as well : the silent trump supporters. In a recent survey conducted through online podcasts, I got one thing pretty clear : Conservatives are far more shy than liberals when it comes to voicing their opinions publicly or over polls. They tend to not get much vocal unlike the Democrat’s supporters. In 2016 too, polls underestimated low-key centrist to leaning conservatives which resulting in a big turnaround that led Trump to white house.

No, Poll’s are not incorrect at all, but the degree of accuracy remains debatable. Biden leads Trump with over some 8.5-9 point lead nationwide, which is pretty solid ; however, the margin or error could be much more than 3.6 points (which it shows at Fivethirtyeight polls). Even if 10-12% of these silent trump voters are not sampled and they’re left then these silent people can surely give a big bump when the election day arrives-which if it happens, would make it a dead-heat race.

The problem of silent Trumpers is something the left hasn’t learned to deal with, the enraging cancel culture of the left to shaming/vilifying Republicans, has only made it a bigger issue. Most of the Republicans say they prefer not to voice their opinions and more than half of them even went as far as to say that they feel unsafe voicing their opinion. 15% of this group said they don’t ever like to get polled.

This is definitely something the election day will witness, the only thing remains to be seen is, how big the silent majority is & Would it be enough to ensure a trump-victory?

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