How a single man with a whiteboard is making the DMK tremble

After Maridhas, News Head of Channel Vision Madan Ravichandran have also come forward exposing the nexus

Maridhas through his youtube channel has exposed the nexus between journalists in TN and DMK party and how TV news,  newspapers, media is all directly or indirectly controlled by DMK thru the union. 

Maridhas has also exposed how A YouTube channel which is denigrating Hindu gods was actually run by a Muslim executive of News18

Popular vlogger and social media activist Maridhas released a video on July 5 exposing the nexus between journalists at News 18 Tamil Nadu and the DK, DMK and Communists. He also sheds light on an organization called Centre of Media Persons for Change (CMPC) which seems to be an extension of communists, DK groups.

After Marishas, News Head of Channel Vision Madan Ravichandran have also come forward, he was earlier part of some of these mainstream media channels, now exposing them by providing an inside view.

In the video titled “Thidal Udaga Sombugalin Kadhai”, roughly translating to “The Story of Thidal (Periyar Memorial) Media Houses”, Madan Ravichandran traces the journey of his experience right from his recruitment to how ended up doing what he is doing now.

Security has been increased outside Maridhas house by Tamil Nadu Police after a group of people, reportedly supporters of Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), threatened to attack the vlogger.

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