Prime Minister Narendra Modi has one amazing ability of resolving decades pending disputes.

☑️ Passed, ‘Unauthorized colonies Bill’, which was in demand since last 72 -years.

☑️ Resolved 72-year old Pakistan-Bangladesh Refugee crisis.

☑️ Resolved 71-year old disputed Article 370 from J&K.

☑️ Got successfully Resolved 71-year old ‘Ayodhya’ land dispute.

☑️ Fulfilled 70-year old demand of ‘Kartarpur Corridor’.

☑️ Fulfilled the 60-year old pending demand of ‘National War Memorial’.

☑️ Signed ‘Nagaland Peace Accord’ to resolve 59-year old dispute.

☑️ Fulfilled 56-year old demand for appointment of ‘Lokpal’.

☑️ Much needed amendment in ‘Enemy Property Act’ after 49-years.

☑️ Fulfilled 60-year old demand of appointing ‘Chief of Defence Staff’.

☑️ India, Sri Lanka revisit 45-year old dispute of ‘Palk Strait’.

☑️ Fulfilled 42-year old Army Veteran’s demand of OROP.

☑️ Resolved 41-year-old critical Bangladesh border dispute.

☑️ Got implemented ‘NRC’ in Assam which was pending since 40-years.

☑️ Initiated to Implement 35-year old Clause 6 of Assam Accord.

☑️ Enforced Law to resolve 34-year old issue of ‘Triple Talaq’.

☑️ Fulfilled the 34-year old demand of ‘National Police Memorial’.

☑️ Implemented New ‘National Education Policy’ (NEP), pending since 34-years.

☑️ Lunched Kashmiri Pandit rehabilitation plan, pending for 30-years.

☑️ Resolved 27-year-old Bodoland conflict by signing ‘Bodo accord’.

☑️ Fulfilled 23-year old promise of resolving Refugee crisis by implementing CAA.

☑️ Resolved 22-year old ‘Bru’ H’indu Tribal refugee crisis.

☑️ Implemented ‘GST’, which was pending since last 18-years.

☑️ Facilitated ‘Rafale deal’ which was pending since 9-years.

☑️ Fast tracked construction of ‘Bogibeel Bridge’ which was delayed by 8-years.


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