A sense of slavery and awe for white skin Europeans by a section of Macaulay English educated brown man had created a generation of educated self-hating Hindu during 20st century in India. These were amazed just at a glimpse of white skinned female offering service to poor and diseased in the name of Philanthropy. And thus born a Teresa in India. She was reinvented as Mother and thereafter advertised as Saint for the posterity to come.

The saddest part​. It happened in the enlightened land of Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi Arbindo and Late Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

Mother Theresa was a Vatican propagandist who trapped the conscience of Indian society for nearly 4 decades behind the veil of her exorbitant fake claim of philanthropy. A battery of public relation manager and news monger added credibility to her claim.

She was 19 year old in 1929 when the Church sent her to India from Loreto Abbey Ireland Missionary. She had a depressing past. She was an uneducated lady who could barely utter a few English words. She arrived in India not for Philanthropy but for spreading Christian faith. And she accomplished this by institutionalizing over 700 churches & orphanages to carry out the Vatican agenda. Vatican stood firm with her along this Journey managing her Press, public relation and propaganda. World glorified Teresa by honoring with the Nobel Peace prize, Templeton Prize, Balzan Prize, Congressional Gold Medal, Schweitzer prize.

The gullible and bewildered India followed the world by awarding her with the highest civilian Award Bharat Ratna.

Teresa always put forward a Vatican missionary agenda. She promoted some of the regressive and criminal acts behind the garb of religion. One of the abhorrent practice was to oppose right of abortion and use of contraception by the female. Such was her obsession to missionary value that she advocated not to have abortion even if female is raped and thus becomes pregnant.

She spoke against the same in 1979 after receiving the Nobel peace prize and reiterated again in 1992 at Ireland from a public platform. Never a single progressive voice claiming to represent female empowerment, media or intellectuals dared to speak a word against her.

She never allowed and obliged any patient on death bed or anybody experiencing even excruciating pain medication of Pain killer. Instead the Bible was offered. She went on to blackmail such patients by introducing the practice of baptizing a dying patient to carry forward the missionary agenda. Which is nothing but a criminal offence and religious fraud. And this practice is still being followed and reported in many missionary run hospitals in India till date.

Her orphanage whose charity is revered and praised by most of the media houses had practiced some of the most despicable and unthinkable cruelty. A very poor or very ill child would not be helped by the orphanage until the parents sign a form renouncing their claim on the child. There was enough reporting and evidence available but the media, law enforcing bodies and conscience keepers of society were managed to remain in denial.

Mother Teresa is on record and under known public scrutiny had displayed her smirk and gloat for those terminally ill cancer patients, who were suffering from unbearable pain with sadistic sentences “You are suffering like Christ on the cross. So Jesus must be kissing you.” The dying patient was like a feast for conversion mafias. It was for such crimes also she was never questioned. She was paranoid to see the world converts to Christianity – Live of dead.

She created and employed a ring of hapless south Indian Hindu ladies and tribal ladies stuck in poverty and impoverishment to carry on her conversion agenda. The Hindu value of humbleness, submissiveness and gratitude of these poor females were purchased against the financial assistance. They were brainwashed to believe in an alien tradition and unforgivable life condition. Sexual exploitation of Nun and sexual abuse to Minor child is not unknown now. While it was rampant in the European and American Church, it also sneaked into Indian churches. Media managed these stories into silence. Administration were bribed, cajoled or coerced to be in denial. These females accepted their suffering in life akin to Christ on cross. It was accepted as a blessing to maintain stoic silence against all the pain of life.

The Vatican never uttered a word of caution or regret against such compromises and exploitative life conditions. Poverty and impoverishment of tribal and weaker sections were the only two reasons which facilitated this endless stream of perceived benevolence.

It was compulsory for women to shave their heads, just because Mother Theresa was bald. She demeaned the traditional Indian look and dress. She perfected the art of erasing sense of pleasure and happiness from the life of commune to make it a listless behind the veil of sacrifice and charity.

She was a habitual propagandist. In one of her claims, she fooled the educated progressive intellectuals of the world and Indian establishment when she claimed In her Nobel Prize speech that her organization`s natural family planning activity led to decrease in birth of “61,273 babies in six years in Kolkata. No one questioned her about the authenticity of these claims. It was a fake claim but the Vatican came forward to buttress her claim resulting in a stream of financial aid pouring in from all over the world and Christian bodies which finally fuelled her conversion agenda.

German magazine Stern publicly revealed that only 7 percent of donations that she received were utilized for charity work. No one knows how and where she miss-utilized remaining money. Money breeds corruption. This unaccounted and unaudited money had no trail where it was being used. Hidden convoluted companies were created. Slush money was circuitously transferred. Commercial investment in Media and corporate houses silenced any challenges to missionary plan. The practice started in the days of Teresa became so powerful that only a few months back the Government had to make law through Parliament “FCRA amendment act” to keep a control on this nemesis. These unaccounted and unaudited money is said to have financed conversion, tribal militancy and anti-national sentiment within the country. Queries and investigation by law enforcement bodies are revealing skeletons from the cupboard.

It is on record that she took money as a donation from ​​a fraudster like Charles Keating in 90`s. The criminal donated $1.25 million of slush money for getting words of approval from her. She also received donations from a dictator family of Haiti, again whose rule she admired in return of donation. Infect she collected money from every dubious dirty source in return for legalizing, approving and admiring their misdeed. When a source of money is so dirty the objective has to entail dubious secretive ends. No one knows the assets of her which she maintained in a clandestine manner.

Throughout life she was engaged in expanding the church footprint, converting poor and baptizing Hindus into Vatican fold. The Vatican propaganda machine aided and rescued her from any of her misdeeds. And she remained grateful to the Vatican. For long Hindu Samaj remained enthralled in ignorance of slavery to a White Skin, it is now that words of dissent is murmuring and exposing the sinister design of Fraudulence. 

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