As the Hathras investigation is moving forward, so many cooked stories are unfolding. One such story is that one lady traveled from MP to Hathras and got mixed among the local people in the covered face (Ghoonghat) to tell all the fake narrative set and run by the national media channels. It seems unbelievable, but our national media channels have gone this far that they can blatantly cook fake stories for money and politics. The overseas funding of 100 Cr. rupees would have certainly been given to many of these Naxal Bhabhies of media. This is why they have immediately started rushing towards Hathras along with all their weapons of mass destruction, such as gender, caste, creed, and ethnicity.  These revelations certainly tell how much damage the greedy, fake, and unreliable Indian media can now do and would have done in the past. 

One would have heard the stories of the media trio called Barkha Datt, Sagarika Ghosh, and Rajdeep Sardesai being involved in so many fake stories causing unrepairable damage in terrorist attacks, riots, and communal clashes. Further, if we look closely at the association of this trio with other people, we will realize that these kinds of people have a whole ecosystem built for themselves. The list of the licensed media channels will tell that more than eighty percent of them run propaganda stories most of the time. Obviously, Congress has ruled the nation for more than seventy years, and therefore they would have built the ecosystem of media loyalists for themselves. But, I am surprised by Media’s blatant support for terrorists, Naxalites, and leftists when they could have at least faked to be unbiased.

NDTV, Aajtak, and ABP News of the mainstream media come on the top of this list one can say the Naxal Babhies of mainstream Indian media. The Hathras case is unfolding to be the case of honor killing now when these Naxal Bhabhi media channels have already declared even the innocent boys far away from the incident site as rapists. One can think the level of injustice would have done if the UP government would have followed the ruckus and sentiments created by Naxal Bhabhi media channels and hanged those innocent boys to death. Therefore, I recommend that the sincere public must boycott these Naxal Bhabhi media channels completely. Modi government should also take harsh actions against these media channels, which are seen creating riots, clashes, and divisive propaganda stories before they may bring grave consequences for the country, society, and the communities.

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