Pakistan has become upset over the action against the Popular Front of India. It has tried to take the matter to the United Nations. The PFI’s tweet has been commented on through the verified Twitter handle of the Pakistani Embassy in Canada. United Nations Human Rights and Pakistan’s Foreign Office have been tagged in this comment. Screenshot of this tweet is going viral on social media. While giving advice, a user said that for this, some fake ID should had been used. That much should be understood. Let us tell you that PFI had called for support in its tweet amid the second round of action on Tuesday.

The PFI had written, “There are mass arrests in the name of detention in BJP ruled states. This is nothing but an attempt to throttle democratic protests against the central government targeting PFI.” The viral screenshot shows the handle of the Consulate General of Pakistan, Vancouver, tagging the international handle in response.

Let us tell you that the PFI and eight other organizations associated with it were banned for promoting terrorist activities in India. The Twitter handle of Popular Front of India has also been deactivated.Hence the reply to this tweet cannot be found online now.

The Home Ministry said that the PFI has clear links with terrorism. Some of its leaders SIMI and Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen have been associated with Bangladesh. The Home Ministry said that the PFI was working on a secret agenda of radicalizing a particular section of the society.

Heavy action was taken on PFI in the last few days.After that it has now been banned.The central agencies have unearthed several documents in which the organization had taught its cadre to make IEDs.The organization also produced an anti-India document ‘Mission 2047’ which contained videos of Islamic State.

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