Bharat is now in a self-cleaning mode – cleaning lot of internal filth; however, apart from CONgress, Modi-haters on social media are also busy striking self-goal by displaying foolishness. When every question is answered, it comes like a boomerang and these leftists move on to another topic to expose their hypocrisy & dumbness due to blind Modi-hatred.

So Mr. Modi-hater:

You spoke of Gujarat as if it’s Pakistan and care damn about bombing Pakistan. Typical mindset of an anti-national.

Anyways, let’s see the secret of the recent data & situation of India. Please read the answers given below carefully and kindly be more careful next time when such meaningless points are forwarded.

So, here are the rebuttals on the 29 of your fake narratives:

1- Jet Airways closed

Answer: – Do you know what made Jet Airways close? Government did not ask them to close down. A company which was built fully by bribing the earlier government cannot survive when there is a government is place that is determined to close all corrupt practices.

No injustice will survive long time. The history of Jet Airways exemplified how cronyism used to rule the roost. The aviation sector was opened up earlier seemingly for only Jet’s entry. The Congress government used to change the aviation policy only for favouring Jet. Each time Tata tried to enter this sector with Singapore Airlines, Jet used to get the policy against Tata s’ plan. Tata had to back out twice. Jet was favoured to get foreign stakeholders and make a policy that facilitated their compulsory exit at the very time the Jet man, Naresh Goyal wanted. The policy of allowing international operation for India aviation company was framed only to accommodate Jet. Literally, the Congress government used to sell the entire civil aviation policy to the Jet management.

Then came loan Bonanza to Jet, dirty blessing by UPA government. Jet did not repay huge debts. Now it owes Rs 8500 crore to banks. Who instructed commercial banks to lend Jet Airways such staggering size of money? Where did the entire money go to?

Do you mean to say such large scale looters be allowed to survive on sympathy?

This is a classic example of crony capitalist who stole bank money & manipulated GOI to sell stake and rights to Etihad.

2 – Air India in Rs 7600 crore loss

Answer: Who landed Air India in trouble on huge loss? UPA civil aviation minister, Praful Patel is still facing CBI charges for loading Rs 20,000 crore debt liabilities on Air India’s shoulder apparently for buying unwanted fleets. That was one of the biggest loots by the UPA ministers. Air India is the victim of massive loots by UPA cohorts.

Don’t fool people with this nasty style of propagating lies.

3-BSNL’s 54,000 jobs are in danger

Answer: BSNL trouble is not Modi government’s creation. It is the victim of earlier government’s telecommunication policy that lavished comforts for private operators. Every private telecom operator, who stole BSNL’s market, were the creations of Congress government. None of the present large private operators had been given license by the Modi government.

4 – No money to pay salary for HAL employees

Answer: Take your answer: Utter lies. People like you, graduates from School of lies, should have learned to find out facts. HAL is one of most profitable public sector enterprises. Last year, it reported revenue of Rs 19,702 crore and net profit of Rs 2282 crore. The revenue figure was the highest in the history of the company. Such company doesn’t have money to pay salary?

Stop this kind of stupid propaganda.

5 – Postal Department loss of Rs 15000 crores.

Answer: Take your answer: Do you know why Postal Department was at loss, now with accumulated loss of Rs 15,000 crore? More than Rs 16,000 crore was used for paying salaries and close to Rs 10,000 crore was used for giving pension out of the total revenue of Rs 18,000 crore. Still the government runs postal service paying salary and pension.

6 – 1 million to be laid off in Auto Industry

Answer: Who is responsible for the lay-off? Where did you get the data of 1 million? When cars are produced more than the requirements, naturally the same cannot be sold. Why demand reduced? Who had built the over-capacity with huge bank loans? This reflected only the stupid UPA policy. Do you know what made auto industry pass through slow-down, please enlighten us.

Moreover – the possibility of Auto industry going through disruption as people are either delaying their purchase for electric car availability or because of car hailing services such as Ola and Uber – cannot be ruled out.

7 – 12.76 lakhs houses unsold in 30 major cities

Answer: How has such over stock suddenly come up? If 12.76 lakh houses are built huge size of jobs might have been created from this. Huge size of building materials might have been manufactured and sold thereby creating jobs for manifold millions, because, construction of each house would have generated job for many people. Now how it remains unsold where there are millions of people who cannot buy own houses? Who holds these unsold houses? If you do not know the answers, we will help you understand some truths. Those rich men sitting on huge black money once upon a time used to buy homes more than they required and held on it to push up prices, crushing the poor men out of their lust for making money. When they push up prices poor men cannot buy homes in many towns. If so much houses are remaining unsold, the price will surely come down to the right level, which will enable poor men to buy their dream homes. Don’t forget, if what you pointed out is right, this will help Modi government’s dream goal of “home for everyone by 2022”.

8 – Aircel is dead

Answer: Good, the 2G ghost that blessed the Chidambarams and the Karunanidhi family, the two most corrupt families in the world, in return for license by ineligibility is sanctified as an angel – another joke, a first-rate foolish joke.

Aircel was killed by CONg – Chidambaram along with DMK forced the promoter of Aircel to sell to Malaysian telcos who’s now embroiled in 2G scam too. The case is going on in SC. So just like others such as Uninor, Aircel too went down!

9 – JP Group finished

Answer: The JP Group is one of most corrupt UPA blessed private firms in the country, which got lavish loan during the UPA regime from banks violating all lending rules. The money was not returned to the banks. The government has made stringent and suitable laws to recover every rupee from such looters, who sit cozy on ill-gotten money with the blessings of UPA apostles .

Another crony capitalist!

10 – Most profitable company in India – ONGC is now making losses

Answer: Foolishness unlimited. ONGC’s performance is not dependent on any government policy but how much its rigs pump out from underneath. That is not a government supply. It seems you do not know what is ONGC’s business.

11 – 36 largest debtors missing from country.

Answer: Under whose ruling time these debtors were given money by commercial banks? Why they were “missing from the country” now? If you do not know the answer, we will support you to understand facts. These looters couldn’t continue with their habitual looting by bribing the government. They knew there came a government in place which would not allow them to walk scot-free. The people who ran away are afraid of stringent action by the government against their routine robbery and also against their masters who used to protect them for heft money as bribe. The Congress government had never taken action against their fellow looters (aka crony capitalists), who are the debtors now and who used to roam in the country freely.

12 – Rs 2.4 lakh crores loan waive off to a few corporates

Answer: Can you name at least one company’s name who got the loan waiver under Modi government? If any bank had done it, why didn’t you people take the case to court to challenge the decision? You didn’t know NPA figures in the banking system and what kind of rule the government has framed to recover each rupee lent not only by government banks but also private banks for the best interest of the depositors and the nation. For your kind information, Modi government didn’t write off even a rupee. It was under this government even UPA restructured loan taken by defaulters, was made to consider as NPA.

13 – PNB continous losses.

Answer: Not only PNB, but also most of the public sector banks make continuous losses because of the big loan festival celebrated during the UPA government. The non-recovered loans which were lent during UPA government would continue to result in banks making losses. Please, say thanks to Chidamabaram and team under the notorious Mum Singh for the mess.

14 – All banks incurring huge losses

Answer: What was the reason for banks’ huge losses? You must know it is because of UPA Finance Minister’s directed lending. Chidambaram and his cohorts got 1-2 per cent commission for every rupee lending.

15 – External debt on country 500+ Billion Dollars

Answer: Whose contributions were those debts? Please explain, if you have right figures. Still, India is now comfortably managing it unlike the period of Gandhis rules, when India used to go begging to IMF, ADB, World Bank and other multilateral institutions.

16 – Railways on sale

Answer: Another crap! What do you mean by “Railway On Sale”? To whom the Railway was sold? Please explain with examples. Which railway part was sold to whom? How many private railways have you travelled in India? Please share the details.

17 – Rent Heritages including Red Fort

Answer: Who got all the Heritage on rent? Who is the tenant of Red Fort? Please enlighten us if you are aware of this strange news. Thanks for the foolish jokes.

18 – Largest car maker Maruti cuts production

Answer: Are cars poor man’s consumer items? Please give me an answer to this question. Car production cut happens routinely in the Western world also. Now also all over the world leading car makers are cutting production.

19 – Rs 55000 crores car inventory lying at factories, with no buyers.

Answer: Have you now stopped counting the number of poor people who didn’t get food, shelter and other basic necessities? Now you started counting the number of unsold cars. This undertone is, of course, a big progress that India has achieved. Now people started worrying about unsold cars. We have come a long way from the days of standing on big queue with ration card to taking home rotten ration rice once a week. Please ask you elder generation, have they ever worried about car market?

20 – Builders all over stressed. Some committing Suicide, no buyers Construction Stopped due Mat cost rise (GST at 18% to 28%)

Answer: Who are responsible for GST rates? Is it Central government or GST council in which all State Finance Ministers are members?

Why builders are overstressed? They have taken huge loans from various sources with a promise to deliver high returns. The end of black money days (thanks to demonetization!) and linkage of each property with Aadhaar made many people run away from dealing in property from the builder mafia. These culprits made even affordable houses unaffordable, denying natural right of poor people of their basic rights of owing a house. Now you feel big pain on loss of looting opportunities for crooks. Wonderful fun!

In fact now with RERA in place only genuine players are in the market!

21 – OFB under corporatization affecting over 1.5 lac employee & families

Answer: Corporatization of a board like OFB with monopoly will ensure better transparency and operational structure so that the corruption at bureaucratic level would reduce. It will end militant labour unionism that killed many institutions in the past. The arms dealers are worried about OFB’s transformation, which will make it more efficient and capable of making import substitute ammunitions. The worry of people like Sonia and Quattrochi are natural in such transformation.

22 – Millions unemployed due to Demonetization

Answer: Still elections thereafter elected Modi who hammed the cash stocks and caught cash hoarders, including builders about whom you had great sympathy. Yes, those who used to live on the power of black money had suffered and lost their “business”. The hapless among them had found new alternative ways also and are happy, as the way they reelected Modi showed. The immediate election that demonetization followed gave Modi a thumping victory in India’s most populated state, Uttar Pradesh. Don’t forget this fact.

23 – Highest unemployment in 45 years

Answer: The election result in may showed, people threw out those who used to make this stupid cry ever since 2014. You had mentioned above that millions of houses are remaining unsold. Who made all these homes? Are they imported from China?

Was there any old survey of unemployment existing during the UPA government? What was the rate of unemployment during Nehru and Gandhi years? We would be highly obliged, if you can give the figures without trying to run away from facts.

24 – 5 airports sold to Adani.

Answer: Which were those four Airports sold to Adani? Who were the sellers? Please enlighten. Don’t get away with your blind shooting. Let us understand how much do you know about this.

The fact is, CONg can’t understand open competitive bidding – as it only understood crony capitalism.

25 – Highest domestic stagflation.

Answer: Stagflation usually occurs out over-spending over money on everything that creates lower value item. If you see that is happening now, it is because of Rs 120,000 core loan give by the banks in 2008-2013 to projects that never came up. With the blessings of UPA government, many business houses looted banks and public. For example Air India spent Rs 20,000 crore without necessity. Large companies misused their loans with the blessings of people like Chidambaram. All these can only result in stagflation. You are shooting on your foot.

But people are not worried about price rise, because of the Modi government’s price stabilization measures. People like Sharad Pawar cannot control market price now.

26 – Record HNI individuals leaving India

Answer: Why they are leaving India? They are leaving India, because of their fear of questioning their sources of ill-gotten money. The rich became richer and poor became poorer under UPA. But now poor is finding their time to live in better comfort by balancing the distribution of national wealth. Most of the HNI became rich through corrupt means. They know it is no more possible now in India. The only way left for them is to run away. Let them go and live abroad so that they will learn how to live under a country’s tax law.

The factual statement should be read as – crony capitalists escaped!

27 – Videocon bankrupt.

Answer: Videocon Group has to pay Rs 90,000 crore to banks. Every rupee came to the company owner’s pocket during UPA government. Now it is in NCLT for resolution for recovery of money that the UPA paid to the Videocon Group.

In reality, Videocon was the biggest fraud. Make no mistake about why the CEO of ICICI Bank Chanda Kochhar was sacked (for fraudulently supporting her husband, i.e. Videocon Group).

28 – Tata Docomo perished

Answer: Who had given 2G license to Tata Docomo? Tata Docomo was the victim of UPA policy mess. When it was unfit for survival after 4G expansion it had no option but to merge with Idea. You are calling it “perished” – a big joke.

29 – CCD founder VG Siddhartha Sucide due to huge debt?

Answer: Who is responsible for the huge debts? If he had huge debts, why did he transfer Rs 20,000,0000 (rupees twenty crore) to the accounts of D.K Shivakumar’s wife through links of Sharma Transport? Are you aware that Shivakumar is Karnataka’s Congress money-bag? In his last letter, Sidhartha wrote: “My team, auditors and senior management are totally unaware of all my transactions. The law should hold me and only me accountable, as I have withheld this information from everybody including my family.” You had mentioned above that HNIs are leaving India. They are afraid of Siddhartha’s fate once they are caught.

Do Not Believe In Leftists Propaganda

All fake news or propaganda perpetrated by CONgress, the CONverts and their stooges to create panic and weaken the government as it did in 2004 and succeeded and continue to do ever since 2014.

The viral video is one such bunch of crap to target Modi government and this detailed rebuttal again exposes the CONgress, their past deeds of creating a corrupt, anarchic ecosystem and their desperation to come back due to losing the hold day by day.

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