Youth volunteers from the nonprofit organization, Sewa International are going the extra mile to help those in need. “Meals for COVID19 Frontline Warriors” is an initiative of the Sewa Youth team to express the gratitude to the efforts of health care professionals during this challenging time. The Phoenix chapter of this organization is highly active in the community, and the youth volunteers have been making their impact for years now. From running talent shows to fundraisersing drives there is no doubt that this is a motivated bunch. Keeping with that trend, in a concerted effort to help local restaurants and businesses as well as support frontline workers and individuals in need. Aval Daryani (a junior at Mountain Ridge HS) and Dev Singhania (a senior at Hamilton HS), has now been serving meals and donating to frontline healthcare workers as well as international college students who are unable to return to their home countries. 

This relief effort is run by our Youth volunteers to thank healthcare workers by providing them free meals. Our youths are also helping local restaurants by ordering meals from them who are impacted in this pandemic. Arizona has set up drive through testing center in Peoria. We served around 30 meals to heathcare workers in drive through test facility in Peoria. We also provided 45 mediterranean meals to Banner Desert medical center health care professionals who are closely working with COVID19 paitents. We have served  approximately 75 meals to front line warriors.

In addition to supporting healthcare workers, Sewa Youths are also aiding international college students from ASU who are hunkering down in Arizona, as they are unable to return home. These students are hard hit by the pandemic, as the college is closed and many of them are forced to find another source of income and shelter, a task that is especially difficult during these times. Sewa Youths has, as of now, delivered 34 meals to international students and arecontinuing helping them.

These youth are some of the brightest and highly motivated in the valley and are not stopping here when it comes to giving back to the society during this epidemic. By working with local restaurants and packing food in small groups, Sewa Youths are truly providing an example to live by. Youths are spending their time in serving the society with an examplary actions and  will continue to make an impact on the community members who are so hard-hit by this epidemic.

Written By,

Nidhi Athreya, 

Hamilton High School

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