The pathetic condition of Hindus in Pakistan is not hidden from anyone. Every year thousands of Pakistani Hindu refugees leave all that they own behind and travel to India to be free. This is one of the reasons for decline in Hndu population in Pakistan recently.  The time is also not far when there will not be a single Hindu left in Pakistan.

Today we are with a Hindu Pakistani family who came to India in the year 2011. The head of the family is Nehru Lal. He has 6 children including 4 girls and 2 boys. The family currently resides in Delhi’s Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčNagar refugee camp.

So let’s learn the reasons why Nehru Lal and his family left Pakistan and came to India.

Nehru Lal
48 year old Nehru Lal had a dream of coming to India since his childhood. Nehru ji says that in his childhood when he used to study in primary school in Pakistan, he and other Hindu students like him faced constant discrimination. They were made to feel that being a Hindu is a sin. He was teased for speaking Hindi language. As a result, he did not feel like studying there and he left his studies. Nehru ji further says that the syllabus in the school books of Pakistan is such that it spreads hatred towards Hindus. It is compulsory for minority children to read Quran in the schools there. Apart from this, Nehru ji says that the condition of Hindus who work in establishments of any kind is also not very good. Hindus neither get good jobs, nor loans from banks. Minority Hindus are being robbed of their land on a large scale.

Due to all these problems, Nehru ji never loved Pakistan the way a citizen loves his country. He wanted to come to his country India at all costs, along with his family, but all this was not so easy for him. Bringing his entire family together was a huge challenge for him. But Nehru ji did not give up and kept trying and finally in 2011 he succeeded in bringing his entire family to India. For 2 years, he ran here and there and finally started living in Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčNagar Refugee Camp in 2013. He cooperated a lot in building this camp and helped hundreds of refugees coming from Pakistan along with him to settle there.
Taking his point forward, Nehru ji says that even before 2011, he had come to India twice, but then he himself had come alone and wanted that apart from his family, other Hindus should also come to India. For this, he made a lot of effort and succeeded in bringing at least 500 people including his family to India. Vy working hard on his own, he managed to settle them in the Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčNagar refugee camp.
Laughingly, Nehru ji shares an anecdote. They say that whenever there was a cricket match between India and Pakistan, they used to watch the match secretly because they were happy when Sachin Tendulkar hit a four, which the Muslim people there did not like. He used to go far away to celebrate India’s victory where there were no Muslims.

The problems Nehru ji had to face till coming to India from Pakistan cannot be described in words. We cannot even imagine how difficult it would be to leave our old home and go to a new place and start everything afresh. It is impossible to even imagine the mental state these refugees must have gone through leaving everything, how much pain they must have been going through. Now they are happy to come to India, they are seeing their bright future here. Even today Nehru ji helps a lot in settling the refugees coming to India from Pakistan. We salute their struggle and spirit of service.

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