Hinduphobic Islamic terrorism friendly Bollywood Divas are going over the rockers tweeting against Israel in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. For these divas, facts are a casualty, they are blind to the fact that when there was fist scuffle in the Al Aqsa Mosque between the Jews and Palestine Muslims, the Hamas terrorists fired 200 plus rockets from Gaza Strip at Israel targeting its innocent civilians, women and children.

Inresponse to this, like every self-respecting nation bound to secure its civilians from terrorist attack and external aggression, struck back the Hamas at Gaza Strip. As reported by Israel Defence Forces, 15 Hamas terrorists were killed and 130 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror targets in Gaza were targeted by Isreal.

Israel also destroyed two attack tunnels, a Hamas military intel facility and weapons manufacturing and storage sites.

Bollywood Divas with rose tinted idea of Palestinian “Intifada”, which even denies Jews to have a right to their homeland and wishes them all dead, go all out in support of Hamas terrorists and wildly accuse Israel to be a terrorist state and apartheid state.

Swara tweeted, “Israel is an apartheid state. Israel is a terrorist state. Nuff said. #AlAqsa #FreePalestine”


This attitude of Swara Bhasker is not shocking as she also criticised women of Chittor to have chosen death over being raped and kept as sex slaves of Allauddin Khilji. She is also a great fan of Islamist tyrranical ruler, Aurangzeb who razed many ancient Hindu temples, built mosques over them and re-introduced the onerous Jizya to be paid by Hindus as tax for keeping their faith.

Swara Bhasker has zero knowledge about the Israel-Palestinian history, its conflict for a homeland and identity. Her tweets are reminiscent of Hollywood Diva Rihanna’s paid tweets in support of the so-called “farmer protests” in Punjab-Delhi border. Rihanna was reportedly paid a whopping $2.5 Million for a single tweet by a Khalistani PR agency to create global Tweet Storm and was part of a Tool Kit designed by the same Khalistani group to defame India internationally.

Is Swara Bhasker part of a Tool Kit to target Israel, an enemy of Islamists world over, like India? She certainly is not worth being paid millions like Rihanna, but since her Bollywood career has gone down the drain, she might be ready for whatever crumbs comes her way to promote IslamoFascism and Islamic Jihad.


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