Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone made headlines in 2013 when he reportedly visited Haridwar to get ‘shraddh’ performed after his dead son’s name. His son Sage was said to be died due to a drug overdose back in 2012 but it was found later that he had suffered a heart attack at the age of 36. His corpse was found in his flat in Los Angeles.

According to reports, Sylvester Stallone told a Rishikesh-based Vedic scholar that he still sees his deceased son. The Vedic scholar suggested to get Puja done for the peace of his soul. On his advice, the Hollywood actor secretly sent a family member to perform the puja for Sage.

It was further reported Prateek Mishrapuri had suggested that the family, which included Stallone’s half-brother Michael, his wife, and two others, make a covert trip to Kankhal, Haridwar. They did so out of concern that they would be followed by paparazzi. After conducting the “tithi shradh,” which is done for persons who pass away due to an accident or murder, they returned to Philadelphia.

Stallone had made an effort to communicate with his son through seances. He has previously acknowledged that it was difficult to come to terms with his kid’s passing. He had also contacted Mishrapuri, an astrologer who was at the time visiting Los Angeles, in his search for a medium. Stallone first learned about the Hindu rite of “shraadh” from Mishrapuri.

“In our meeting last year in LA, he (Sylvester Stallone) asked if it is possible to speak to his son, and I told him it is possible, but it would be very painful for Sage’s soul. He confessed that he had seen his son and that he was deeply disturbed. The family had sought to make it a quiet affair, and I provided them with information on unremarkable hotels they could stay at. After the shradh of Sage, Michael also performed a ceremony for his sister Toni Ann, who died aged 48 in 2012, “Mishrapuri told TOI.

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