A state sponsored humane slaughter and heinous crime against Kashmiri Hindu long remain buried under rubbles. It happened in Free India where we claim to have a Democracy, a written constitution with fundamental right, Independent Judicial system, Intellectual, Civil Society and free media.  Bow your head in shame for protecting the impotency of the system, when it mattered.

Yes, it was brutal and happened. The magnitude of crime against Kashmiri Hindu was horrible, painful and disturbing.  No one raised their voices. No one came to rescue those wailing mothers and sisters. Threat, Torture, Rape, killing and eviction from motherland followed.

Thank you Mr Agnihotri, who displayed guts to bring it to the notice of sleeping Indian society. What lesson Hindu Society should learn from here.

  1. Hindu as faith had been on war Since 712 AD when Arab started waging Jihad.
  2. Teach your children how Arab, Turk, Mongol, Afghan and Mughal plundered India and waged Jihad against Hindu Faith.
  3. An English Educated Hindu leader robbed Hindu Society of its Pride and Glory. Convent education system cultivated millions of English-speaking Slave Hindu. They failed to take the cause of Hindu Sanatan.
  4. The Division of Nation in 1947 and Democracy thereafter denied the right of Homeland for Hindu Society constitutionally.
  5. Hindu are divided on caste, language, region and on political ideology. Communist and Congress successfully conspired this for over 5 decades.
  6. Global Jihad is not unknown name anymore. International funding for such sinister design added with grassroot radicalization is the biggest concern before Hindu Society.
  7. Illegal infiltration from across the Border and conscious population explosion is a threat to future Hindu generation.
  8. Demographic disparity of Hindu Sanatan is an ominous sign for future Hindu Generation.
  9. Constitutional safeguard to Hindu Society has been trivialized, ridiculed and denied.
  10. Hindu dignity, pride and life are not a matter of right anymore in India.

Hindu must learn to mobilize, assert and claim their political rights.  Killing of Hindu for his belief like Kashmir had happened before and after Kashmiri Hindu Killing. Eviction of Hindu from their homeland in Kairana and Mewat has happened after Kashmir again. Let the posterity of Hindu generation be taught the truth.

Reclaim your Political identity and authority and expel those who do not agree with Ethos of Bharat.

Thank You Mr. Agnihotri.

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