After BJP government’s succesful Operation Ganga where the government has managed to activate Indians stuck in Ukraine safely, A lot of hot air being generated about UPA government’s Libya evacuation.

A Twitter User (Username- @Suhas_AN) has went up to expose the reality about UPA government’s Libya evacuation. Here is the thread of tweets-

A lot of hot air being generated about UPA government’s Libya evacuation. Shall we see how it actually was at the time? Here’s a headline from a Reuters report.UPA Govt was being criticised at home for the way it was struggling with evacuation of Indians.

Under UPA in Libya, India was complaining about being unfairly compared with China’s speed.Do you know the situation in Ukraine? China began evacuating its first batch of 200-600 students on March. By that time, 12,000 Indians – about 60% of our folks there moved out.

Now, let us go back to UPA in Libya 2011.Only about 4,500 Indians had been evacuated by the time China had evacuated 32,000 of its people and USA had evacuated ALL of its people.This was the Indian speed in Libya under UPA that our usual suspects are hailing today!

Back then, when UPA handled Libya evacuation, Indian Express apparently said – Out of Libya India crawls, the rest are safe at home, because India was the only major country still having thousands stranded in Libya. What do you hear in the media about Libya evacuation today?

UPA’s own allies & their own people were irritated by slowness of evacuation in Libya in 2011!See what Tiruchi Siva from DMK said back then. He was supported by SP, NCP and Left too!All of them said evacuation is slow.

There’s more. Tiruchi Siva if DMK himself says Chinese and Philippines have already evacuated but India is slow. This is a Congress ally, mind you, speaking about Libya 2011.Today, a journalist from The Hindu wants us to believe UPA was awesome with evacuation.

The icing on the cake. K Rahman Khan, a Congress member who was the Deputy Chair of Rajya Sabha says that there is concern over slowness.Congress itself said Libya evacuation was slow but a journalist from The Hindu is fact-checking them, saying no, your evac op was good!


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