US government in 1958 was ready to go to do a Nuclear strike on China mainland at that time. This claim was made by classified documents posted online by Daniel Ellsberg of “Pentagon Papers” fame show. Tensions rose at that time as China has started an invasion in Taiwan and want to merge it with the China.

US official at that time were ready with the plan of attack and were waiting for US president Dwight D. Eisenhower orders. US administration falsely assume that Soviet was backing China with the military aid and with all things.

At that time after the WWII world was divided between two blocks Soviet and Western that is Communist and Capitalism and so US and Soviet were fighting with each other and their allies at every inch of border from Cuba to Vietnam, Japan to Taiwan and the list goes on.

Ellsberg told the Times that he copied the top-secret Taiwan crisis study in the early 1970s, and is releasing it as tensions mount between the United States and China over Taiwan.

Had an invasion taken place, General Nathan Twining, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, “made it clear that the United States would have used nuclear weapons against Chinese air bases to prevent a successful air interdiction campaign,” the document’s authors wrote.

If China continues the an invasion, then there was “no alternative but to conduct nuclear strikes deep into China as far north as Shanghai,” the document said, in a twisted way.
The Nuclear attack plan was dropped off after China hold their invasion of Taiwan. China’s communist government pulls back its army from the Taiwan land at that time.

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