It is heartening to hear a positive news coming in from Bihar informing that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has conducted a Gharwapsi ceremony for 502 members of 70 families returning to Sanatan Dharma from Abrahamic faiths.

The Gharwapsi was done by organising a great Yagna to re-usher in to the Sanatan Dharma fold people who were converted to Christianity by fraud. The event was attended by Sanatanis from nearby areas to welcome their brethren back to the original faith of their ancestors. This news was broken by KM Nandangopal , a journalist on twitter which is shared below for the readers.

With evangelists running Empires of conversion industry in India like fraud Pastor Paul Dinakaran, demonic Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy who proudly proclaims to have created exclusive 700 ‘Christ Villages’ by converting every resident of the village to Christianity.

Pastor Praveen also gleefully says that he breaks idols of Hindu Gods and kicks their severed heads around the village to demonstrate that Hindus worship fake Gods. These and countless such Evangelist organisations operating in India are aided by a global network of evangelists pouring in massive amount of funds for the purpose.

These anti-Hindu activities run unchecked in several states of India, in many state governments like Andhra Pradesh conversion of Hindus is a state sponsored affair by the Jaganmohan Reddy government giving the Pastors 5,000/- per month salary to facilitate conversion of Hindus to Christianity with Hindu Tax Payers’ own money!

Poor and vulnerable people get converted to Christianity by allurement of jobs and assuring them no caste discrimination in Christianity.

Once they are converted, these poor people are made bonded labourers of the Church and evangelist organisations demanding very young girls as young as 8-10 years old to be made nuns at a very tender age when they perhaps do not even understand the concept of celibacy and preaching about gospel to non-Hindus by instilling a fear in them of burning in hell if they do not do it.

These young girls live a life of miserable existence in the Convents by even being exposed to sexual abuse from senior male Priests and even lesbian senior female members of the fraternity ( with titles like Sisters, Sister Superiors, Mothers). The vulnerable nuns’ sufferings and sexual abuse is neither reported nor are the culprits booked.

They have to bear this ordeal all their life as Church protects the abusive Priests rather than punish them or file criminal complaints of rape and sexual abuse against them.

The nuns are so miserably trapped that their own families do not support them when they complain and are ostracised by the whole community. Since they hail from very poor families with little or no education, they fear that they cannot survive if they try to come out and tell the truth as the media and civil society in India is driven by evangelist agenda that they are denied employment anywhere else to maintain their life with dignity.

Very few from the Christian community stand up for them like Savio Rodrigues, Head of The Goa Chronicle, who have braved the terror of the Church in controlling political affiliations and creating fake protests and mayhem in society against good policies of the Government of India to reform Farm Sector and giving fillip to Make in India initiatives.

The evangelicals organisations and Church in India spreads hate against Hinduism, Hindu culture and Hindu traditions by also propping so-called rationalists whose sole aim is to target Hinduism, which is by far the most scientific religion and has more reasons to follow certain traditions evolved over a period of thousands of years more than the so-called western science.

While the so-called rationalists never challenge the frauds called as ‘miracles’ of Teresa or even questioning the birth of Jesus from a virgin mother as also terming existence of women as sin and marriage by extension as sin!

The poor tribal people who were therefore duped into accepting Jesus as their only true God and being led to being bonded slaves of the Church to fulfill the agenda of political and economic exploitation of their western masters want to come back to the original faith of ancestors where their indigenous culture and traditions are respected by the heterogenous whole of Sanatan Dharma rather than than the Christian Church which wants to stamp out their identity.

These poor tribals and other vulnerale sections of the Hindu society who were led to Christianity by force, fraud and allurement, wanting to re-embrace Sanatan Dharma which their heritage should be given a helping hand from the rest of Sanatanis who are more affluent to serve the cause of Dharma and humanity.

Hoping that several such Gharwapasis takes place and innocent people who were coerced in to adopting dogmatic Abrahamic faiths rejoin the greater Sanatan Dharma fold with support and aide from prosperous Sanatanis which would really help Bharat to truly reclaim her former glory of being an undisputable leader in the world in all spheres of economic, scientific and spiritual development for all humanity.

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