A huge Muslim mob attacked Hindus in Hazari Gali, Tijala area in south-eastern Kolkata, leaving several hurt, a Shani-Kali Mandir broken and seriously hurting journalist Sanjeeb Basu who went there to cover the incident.

Suvendhu Adhikari, BJP MLA and the leader of the Opposition had tweeted about it strongly condemning the brutal attack by Islamists and TMC cadre on Hindus and BJP workers in Tijala not even sparing journalists. He had attached with his tweet the video of hurt journalsit whose eyes were bloodied and narrowly escaped death. He also attached video of the violent Islamist mob in Tijala area.

The West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar also tweeted about the communal violence stating that the administration must take all steps to maintain peace and calm in Chandannagar and in Bllygunge Tijala area.

Even the contingent of police deployed in the area was attacked by the violent mobsters. According to a Hindustan Times report, Governor Jagdeep Dhankarwas the first to comment on the incident.

In his tweet he attached video, which showed police vehicle being vandalised by a a violent frenzied group of men. Dhankar tweeted the law and order in the state was collapsing. He also referred to the violence that took place in Chandannagar in Hoogly district on Wednesday night.

Dhankhar also tweeted, “Administation @Mamata official must take all steps to maintain peace and calm in Chandannagar and in Ballygunge Tijala area. Stern message to police @KolkataPolice @WBPolice @Home Bengal must be sent to contain the sliding situation. Time to hold concerned accountable. Anarchy, lawlessness and violence are enemies of democracy.”

He also tweeted a video of BJP MP Locket Chatterjee being attacked by goons, which shows the reckless lawlessness where goondas and criminals have a field day with no fear of the law. He stated, “The state of collapsing law and order @MamataOfficial can be assessed from the scenario that MP Locket Chatterjee was subjected to such treatment with hooligans coming too close to MP’s vehicle with aggressive posturing & on occasions also smacked the car with hand. Police inaction !”

The situation in West Bengal after the assembly election results were declared on May 2nd is the worst ever since the dreaded violence and lawlessness unleashed by Jinnah’s Muslim League during partition in 1946-47.

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