What is a democracy?

As Abraham Lincoln has summarized a “democracy” is OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE. It means, Every strata of the society is represented in Governance.

In other words, democracy survives on the very principle of accepting differences. The leader is not forced from above but chosen from below based on a pre-defined majority criteria.

Lets come to Polytheism. We can understand Polytheism through a simple example.

In a Hindu family, the father may be a devotee of Lord Krishna, the Daughter may worship Saraswathi (the Goddess of learning), the wife may worship Lakshmi (the Goddess of wealth) and so on. All the members respect each others’ God or Goddess.

In other words a polytheistic religion is inclusive.

Lets take another example.

Many Centuries back, the people of Mecca worshipped many Gods and Goddesses(more than 300). A person from within, wanted all to worship only one God and throw away others. He is driven away from Mecca. Several years later he comes back with a huge army, captures Mecca. And then his followers destroy the idols of all Gods and Goddesses in Kabba. They slaughter all people who did not stop worshipping their owns Gods or Goddesses.

In other words a monotheistic religion is exclusive i.e. my faith will prevail, rest others would be mercilessly suppressed.

And since a Monotheistic religion is exclusive, and democracy demands inclusively you typically wont find democracies with monotheistic religions.

Many may have a question, why and how is Europe is democratic? In fact, British introduced the modern party based democratic system in India (though Indian Mahajanpadas were probably the first democracies of the world).

The answer like in rise of Protestantism. Huge amount of blood was spilled all across Europe for reforming the Papacy and limiting the authority of the Church. The English king Henry VIII had to shed a lot of blood to move England away from the orbit of the Papacy.

Where as, India is a  democracy and for attaining this little blood was shed. Yes, blood was shed for freedom, but post independence the migration to democracy was extremely peaceful.

If a question is asked why India could very peacefully migrate to democracy whereas Pakistan is still struggling, the answer lies in Polytheism.



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