Bollywood has now become synonymous with Nepotism. Majority of the actors and actresses making headlines are nepo-kids. None of them had to prove themselves to attain the stardom they have achieved now.

But, not many know how the nepotism which Bollywood has created has eventually started to weaken Bollywood and if unchecked will ultimately destroy it.

How, lets understand?

Till 1990s foreign movies were not allowed in India. Bollywood had absolute Monopoly on Hindi movie industry. Due to the Monopoly and lack of completion, the industry became so complacent that it got to be funded by anti-national, Jihadi and mafia Underworld. The unprofessional underworld Mafia who virtually ruled Bollywood established connections with influential families which resulted to Nepotism. After 1990s, the Indian audience started watching Hollywood movies which were of of higher quality than Bollywood movies.

Then in 2020 comes the COVID pandemic.  The bottoms fall of bollywood. How?

  1. The movie halls got closed. Bollywood controlled by unprofessional underworld could not change themselves to adopt OTT platforms.
  2. Many movies from abroad or South cinema which are controlled by professional movie makers, start adopting OTT platforms, tie up with NetFlix etc. gain viewership all at cost of Bollywood.
  3. Bollywood was best in producing mirch-masala movies with songs and dance starring having low grade actors chosen based on proximity with underworld and entrenched families. These movies could not compete with South movie industry and Hollywood as people’s taste have changed.
  4. The unprofessional underworld have little talent for innovation and ability to adapt to changing scenarios.
  5. The Bollywood has long tradition of suppressing and eventually killing new comers. The nepo-Kids got little competition. Due to this, we even saw Nepo-Kids having low talent became popular without deserving it, which resulted to further reduction in quality of Bollywood movies.
  6. The Nepotism had another dangerous side effect. Due to less competition from outsiders, the Nepo-Kids and stars (like Khans) started charging big sums of money from directors.  Due to this the profit margins of Bollywood has dropped significantly as there are less actors to challenge the Nepo-kids. In Hollywood outsiders are welcomed. The actors don’t run their writs there as in Bollywood.

Looking at all of the above, Bollywood has fallen in the trap it has itself created. Whether it came come out of track, time will tell.

It is no surprise, Yogiji sees this as an opportunity to build the Noida Film City and create a movie Industry in North which would be devoid of the sins Bollywood was afflicted with.

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