It was almost certain, Congress under the leadership of Aamrinder Singh was set to win again and form the Govt in Punjab.

But the Gandhis, (Pappu and Pinki) do something unusual. They appoint a mercurial to lead the Congress Party in Punjab who did nothing but fought a bitter battle against Aamrinder and finally made him resign. A pro-Gandhi was made the CM to be a puppet.

Surprisingly, the timing for the drama was chosen well i.e. few months before the elections.

What happened in the elections? Congress was decimated.

Lets ponder over the below questions?

  1. Did this drama help Congress?
  2. Why did Pinki time this drama just 2 months before elections, not 2 years before?
  3. Did Pinki want Congress to lose and AAP to win?

Same thing happened in Delhi in 2016. It is rumored that the minorities in Delhi are the pocket votes of Gandhis (not Congress). They are controlled by the Gandhis. And Gandhis let the votes not come to Congress. That is nearly 20% of population and votes en-masse in a loyal manner.

The Gandhis have used Congress to remain in power and help foreign communist powers like China and Russia.

With Congress not in their control, do they want to self-destruct and let AAP take their place? They have done this in Delhi and now in Punjab.

Now time will tell if AAP will inherit the ideology and principle of the Gandhi dynasty and promote communist interest in India.

Please also note, Delhi is national capital and Punjab is a crucial border state.

And Punjab wont be the last. Gandhis (losing their turf) will surely make attempts to self-destruct Congress more and more.

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