Because Wikipedia has been taken over by the same motivated lobbies that control international news and social media. Its present content policies are designed to preserve the dominant narrative rather than to provide undisputable information to its audience.

The administrative and editorial hierarchy at the website have formed a cabal that holds too much power – and is in no way shy in using its power dictatorially. The content policies are used to justify whatever they can get away with without causing serious controversy. The project itself is nearly two decades old; and the cabal‘s strategies have evolved at all levels for all kinds. For example, a dispute in content is settled by a qualified democracy – where cabal of senior editors and administrators can crush anything, and anyone.

Disinformation through wikipedia is so brazen that one of the founders of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, had to write this to defend himself – so that wikipedia management could not deny the fact that he was indeed a founder.

… In fact, in the early years of the project, my role and the “founder” title were not in dispute at all; indeed, Wikipedia’s first three press releases, including two that I had nothing to do with, all credited me as founder. It was not until 2004 that Jimmy Wales began omitting mention of my involvement at the start of Wikipedia to the press in 2004, and he didn’t start denying that I am co-founder until 2005 or 2006, just when Wikipedia began to enter the public eye…

Given this, why should anyone contribute to wikipedia at all? Answer for yourself. I know my own answer.

Further questions on this topic include:

  • What does this cabal do?
  • Which streams of propaganda does Wikipedia censor?
  • And what does it amplify?

But these questions merit a separate, non-trivial entry. So, I’ll write again, separately. Either here, or somewhere else. I’ll post a link below this, if this website allows to edit posts for a post scriptum. Till then,


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