From the beginning of civilization, India has had great rulers under whom the Hindu civilization has progressed and reached new heights. They were the reason for making India the ” Sone ki chidiya” that India was famous for. Rajput Kings have immensely contributed in this in every time period. But there have also been other great kings who took birth in times when India and hindus needed warriors and heroes to save its civilization from Islamic invaders like Mughals and Turks. In this article we would look at 5 such Rajput Kings who took charge in situations like these and became immortal heroes of Hindu history. I suggest you to visit the links in the list below to learn about them.

1. Undefeated rana Kumbha ( maharana Kumbhakaran)

We all have heard names of legends like Maharana Pratap of Mewar. But before the Great Maharana Pratap was his forefather- Rana Kumbhakaran or Rana Kumbha who whose kingdom was surrounded by Islamic Sultanates from all sides. He fought all of them at the same time with a small army and never lost a battle. From Delhi Sultanate to Gujrat and Malwa Sultanate all fell to his feet crashing in front of him when they collided with this great Rajput King in battle.

But unfortunately this undefeated legend has been left out of our History books. It is out duty to tell about his struggle against Islamic kingdoms to our next generations.

To read detailed story of his life and how he managed to do this, CLICK HERE:

The Undefeated Rana Kumbha : Rajput King who crushed every Invader and won every battle that he fought

2. King Prithu( Ahom Dynasty, who defeated Mughals 17 times)

Nowadays, Northeast part of India is facing the challenge of fighting Christian Missionaries and illegal Bangladeshi settlers. But did you know that no Muslim king has ever been able to enter North east region of India. Yes!! Our history books are all filled with Mughals but they were defeated 17 times by the legendary warriors of Assam from the Ahom Dynasty.

Ahom dynasty of Assam
Ahom Dynasty of Assam

KING PRITHU was the greatest one of the Ahom Kings. He defeated ALLAHUDIN KHILJI in such a humiliating way that he never tried to spread islam there. It is hard to imagine how a small kingdom of Assam fought the big armies of Mughlas and Khiljis. Yet the name of these brave hindu warriors of Assam is forgotten by our Historians.

Read about the 17 times defeat of Mughals and defeat of KHILJI at the hand of AHOM dynasty here:

Forgotten History: How King Prithu Of Assam Defeated Bakhtiyar Khilji and ensured his end and saved the Northeast from Islamic Invaders. The battle of Kamrupa 1206 AD

Rana Sanga (Sangram Singh Sisodiya)

Do you know that there was a Hindu Rajput Ruler of Mewar who united all Rajputs together to fight the Muslim Invaders? Yes , we have been told that Hindus never united etc. But that’s not true. This Rajput legend RANA SANGA, not only united all brave Rajputs but decided to defeatthe Delhi Sultanate under Lodhi Dynasty.

Rana Sanga- Sangram Singh Sisodiya  of Mewar
Rana Sanga- he had 80 wounds on his body and lost one eye, one hand and one leg in batlles

Not only this, when Babur,founder of Mughal Dynasty came to India, Rana Sanga was the first to meet him in battle and defeat the Mughal Invader. He fought and won so many wars that it is hard to count .His body had more than 80 wounds and he lost one hand, one leg and one eye in battles . Still, he fought on for his Country.

Read about this Brave Son of Bharat and Grandfather of Maharana Pratap here:

Rana Sanga: Fierce Rajput Legend who defeated Every Invader from Mughals to Sultanates of Gujrat & Malwa

4. Hindu Kings of Afghanistan- HINDU SHAHI KINGS, the saviors of India

We know that once all of Afghanistan was a Hindu Country and it was islamic invaders that changed it to what it is today. but long before Mughals and Ghazni , there were brave Hindu kings of Kabul and Zabul who defended the Entry to India from Islamic invaders for more than 2 centuries .
Even after losing all their wealth and territories they continued to fight for their people and sacrificed everything. Everyone that is Hindu today should learn about them and respect them.

Read about them here: The Heroic Hindu Shahi Dyansty that defeated the Arab Invaders for 2 centuries| King Ranbal of Zabul vs the Caliphate

Raja Jayapala(Jayapaladev): The Savior of North India who invaded Ghzani | Hindu Shahi Dynasty

5. Chandela Rajput King Vidyadhara , who stopped Md. Ghazni from settling in India

We have all been told again and again that Mahmud Ghazni came to India 17 times and looted it again and again. But what we have not been told is what is the reason that he was never able to settle his kingdom in India. This Hindu king Vidyadhara was the reason for this.
He was the king of the CHANDELA Rajputs of the kingdom of Bundelkhand and when Ghazni asked him to give him passage through his kingdom to enter South India, he refused and with his small army met Ghazni’s big army. It is because of him that Md. Ghazni did not settle in India and had to return. The full detailed story s filled with bravery of Chandela Rajputs because of whm Ghazni had to lose multiple times to the Bundelkhand kingdom.

Read the full story of how Chandela Rajputs defeated Ghazni multiple times here:

Who defeated Ghazni in India? Chandela Rajput King Vidhyadhara and his resistance to Mahmud Ghazni- Battle of Bundelkhand

Rajput King who stopped Mahmud Ghazni in India
Chandela Rajput king Vidyadhara

It is our request to everyone to go and read these articles individually about all these kings and share as much as you can. If you have young children at home, do tell them about them and other great hindu kings.
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