The below is the sequence of events carried by Indian Mujahidin (IM) during the Batla house encounter.

On September 19, 2008 the Special Cell of Delhi Police carried out an encounter in Jamia Nagar’s Batla House, in which two suspected Indian Mujahideen terrorists and Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma of the Special Cell of Delhi were killed. Ariz Khan, Shahzad and Junaid escaped, while Mohd Saif surrendered.

On January 2010 Shahzad is arrested from Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh.

On July 25, 2013 Shahzad is declared guilty of murdering inspector Sharma and assaulting other police officers by the court

July 30, 2013: Court sentences Shahzad to life imprisonment.

On February 13, 2018 Ariz Khan is arrested at the Banbasa border point between India and Nepal.

On March 8, 2021 Ariz Khan is convicted by the court. The amount of sentence will be decided in his next hearing is scheduled for March 15.

One of the missing Batla house operatives joined ISIS.

Congress leader Salman Khurshid had said in a rally that Sonia Gandhi had cried after knowing about the Batla House encounter. Other Islamic leaders like Mamta and Kejriwal had strongly questioned the Batla House encounter.

Now we finally see that the Judiciary itself declaring one person found in Batla house guilty of terrorism(will most likely be given life imprisonment or hanged) and another has been sentenced to life.

Mamta has questioned the judiciary saying that the “verdict was announced to help BJP in Bengal elections”.

My response to Mamata is, “Even if BJP did this (the chances are low as Judiciary is independent), they did the right thing as all your misdeeds should be known to people”

And, my open question to Sonia Gandhi:

  1. Why did you cry for the IM operatives who were killed in the encounter and not Mohan Chand Sharma(of the Special Cell)?
  2. Why did you question the Batla house encounter without waiting for the Judiciary’s decision?
  3. Why did you become a judge and decide the accused IM operatives are innocent? One of the operatives even has joined ISIS.
  4. What made you feel that Delhi Special Police Cell have just murdered few innocent people?
  5. After the Court declared them as guilty, will you show the guts of going to the wife and children of the constable and apologize? Do you have that strength of character to admit your mistake? Only strong people can admit their mistakes, weak ones cannot. Your image in-front of my eyes will improve if you prove yourself strong.
  6. How will you react if your sister or her children would be killed infront of your eyes?

I am wondering how low can the Indian politics stoop in the process of appeasing the Muslims and defending their acts of terrorism and murder of innocent people.

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