Shameless Fourth Pillar of Indian Democracy

Media and journalism are certainly a business model, but they must have some ethics. They should behave on a certain code of conduct, which does not seem the case with Indian media. Indian journalists such as Arfa, Barkha, Rajdeep, Ravish, Pranav, Ayyub, Chitra, and news channels such as NDTV, ABP, and Aaj Tak look completely shameless peddling fake news for money and their jihadi leftist agendas.

Tanishq Fake apology

                This statement by Tanishq Jewelry on Twitter is no “apology”!!  It is nothing but a statement that translates to:  It’s “sad” you don’t...

Dharmik Ways to Stop Rapes in India

Some people protest, some people light candles and gather on famous monuments, but it all goes down in vain. Next morning, new cases is waiting for us in the corners of newspapers. So, what are we really doing to stop it???