India is not a Dharmshala, writes the passionate and brilliant Sai Deepak J. #IndiaThatisBharat

If the GoI and the powers that be must pretend to be Vishwagurus prematurely, there should be stipulations attached to giving non-Indic communities refuge in India. If the government feels compelled to play politics on the world stage by opening charitable doors to non-Indics – Afghans, Rohingyas, BAngladeshis, Pakistanis, etc., the DEAL should be to embrace Sanantan Dharama.

Want to live in Bharat? Acknowledge your Pagan, Indic ancestors and embrace Dharma

India is an emerging economy. Stress on “ing” as it is not a completely emerged economic power yet. In fact, it is still playing second fiddle to communist neighbor and aggressor China, who has a role in the destabilizing the region and correctly strategizing or predicting that the holier-than-thou neighbor – Bharat – is used to cleaning up messes created in South Asia.

When an economy is not yet strong, when the poor Hindus, and not just the Dalit sections have no chance of equal opportunity to education or basic needs, there is no need to have them compete with non-India “minorities” on the ground. It would be a terrible disservice to our own population, especially those struggling at the bottom rungs of society if India opens up its doors to show a good boy image to the world. Remember, there are only a handful of Islamic nations which took in Rohingya populations, that too, in small amounts. India has NO obligations to be the janitor of South Asia. There is no need to apply Swacch Bharat policy to clean up international messes, especially since India has not enjoyed a prominent role in Afghanistan as opposed to terrorist Pakistan and Communist China.

Non-Indics can be given a choice – to return to their roots or stay where they are. This choice can also be extended to the Chrislamic termites living within Bharat whose entire existence depends upon demonizing Hindus and creating fake narratives about Brahmin Patriarchy, Hindutva, etc., etc.

Now this piece takes a satirical mode… India can even have a population exchange – send these LeLi termites to Afghanistan and in exchange, bring non-Indics in and allow them to embrace Dharma.

Long story short, a majority of Indians, Bharat vasis would want the central government to pay attention at home first, before playing charity for a never-to-be good boy global image. A Nobel prize for premature charitable gestures will have Indic, Hindu blood on it. It simply isn’t worth it.

By the way, Bengal is still burning. More Hindus are slaughtered in India per day than anywhere else in the world. Can the government focus on its own citizens first?

And for the refugees who wish to reside in Kafir India, – you are welcome only if you embrace your roots first. Welcome to Dharma.

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