Why did Boycott of Brahmastra fail? We approached the problem in a wrong way. We personally attacked the actors. This worked in case of LSC. The lead hero in LSC was openly anti-Hindu and hence boycott call was successful.

Just like Bollywood aims nothing less than destruction of Hindu ideology, our aim should be nothing less than complete annihilation of Bollywood.

We should introspect. How should we have approached Brahmastra and forth coming Bollywood movies?

We should now target individual movies and actors less. Why? Because the Bollywood now will stop casting the anti-Hindu actors and rather will pull in pro-Hindu actors. But, please note even if Bollywood ropes in pro-Hindu actors, the money will go and fund the criminals, terrorist and Jihadi mafia.

So our strategy should be simple and straightforward:

  1. Most/All production houses in Bollywood are controlled by mafia underworld.
  2. The profit of all the movies go and fund the underworld.
  3. By watching Bollywood movies (irrespective who is the actor or actress is) the profits will fund the terrorist and anti-India forces.
  4. Those anti-India forces will either make blasts in India, or use the money to purchase weapons for terrorists who kill Indian soldiers.
  5. The same money will used to prop up anti-Indian politicians like Maino, Vadra and Kejri whose aim is no less than destruction of India.

We need to message in the above manner.

The need of the hour is – we keep the goal same but change the messaging strategy.

Don’t attack individual people, that wont work as Bollywood would shape up by dumping the Anti-Hindu actors.

Attack and destroy the institution which creates and nurtures such people.

In simple terms hit the nail on head.

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