Another shocking story of Love Jihad case emerges from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. A young woman residing in Delhi has accused Murtaza, a Muslim, of fraudulently misrepresenting himself as Mrutyunjay to woo her and entrap her in a ‘love relationship’, later he blackmailed her with her nude videos when his true identity was revealed. He thrashed her mercilessly, forced her for sex like an animal and pressurised her along with his family to convert to Islam. The girl also accused Murtaza of even chanting several times, ‘Jai Shri Ram’ to establish his Hindu credentials and win her trust. The Uttar Pradesh Police has registered a FIR against Murtaza, arrested him from Noida and is investigating the matter on the basis of the victim’s statement.

‎As per a news report in Breaking Tube, the victim stated that she worked for a private pharmaceutical company in Greater Noida, where she met a boy known to everyone in the office as Mrutyunjay Kumar. The accused also introduced himself to the victim as Mrityunjay. He befriended her and gradually wooed her into a ‘love relationship’. He also proposed for marriage, which she readily accepted and soon they started living together.

During their relationship, Murtaza feigning to be Mrutyunjay, often exchanged ‘Jai Shri Ram’ greetings which made her not suspect even in her wildest of dreams that he was a Muslim faking to be a Hindu. The victim one day by chance came across Murtaza’s Aadhaar card when she was searching for some documents. The was shocked to see the Aadhaar card bear his photograph with name registered as Murtaza and not Mrutyunjay as she believed him to be. When the girl confronted the accused, it was revealed that he was not a Hindu but a Muslim. This broke her heart as she trusted him more than herself.

Heart broken, when she questioned him for cheating her in love, she was told rudely by him to continue living with her irrespective of his true identity. The girl was so shocked and disgusted with him that she immediately packed her bags to leave him. Just as she was about to leave, Murtaza pulled out his mobile and showed her her nude photos and videos and threatened to make the same viral in social media to defame her. Seeing the content in Murtaza’s phone, the girl resigned to her fate helplessly. When she begged him to not make her obscene photos and videos public, he demanded that she should satisfy him sexually as when he pleases.

‎The young girl stated that since then he has been regularly exploiting her sexually like an animal. She further stated that in October 2019, Murtaza’s family members started to pressurise her to convert to Islam. When she refused, Murtaza would beat her up. Again in 2020, his family continuously harassed her to convert, when Murtaza threatened her that if she does not convert to Islam, he would make public her nude photos and videos.

The young woman reportedly said Murtaza blackmailed her and robbed Rs 2.5 lakhs from her. He continued to beat her up mercilessly and her health started suffering due to incessant torture. When she complained about the matter last year, the police arrested him, but a few days later he was released on bail, after which Murtaza started blackmailing her again. When the victim girl tried to complain to Murtaza’s family Murtaza’s family about his abominable behaviour, she was told, “Quietly be my son’s mistress, and become a Muslim or else you will lose your life.”‎

Murtaza, pretending to be Mrutyunjay, arrested by UP Police. Source: Breaking Tube

‎The Bisrakh police of Greater Noida has reportedly registered a case of rape and other relevant crimes under the IPC on the basis of victim’s statement against accused Murtaza alias Mrityunjay son of Abrar Hussain resident Village Mohanpur Thana Kundarki district Moradabad. He was arrested from house of present address resident from village Shahberi, Thana Bisrakh, Gautam Buddha Nagar.

The accused is also charged under the new anti-conversion law, Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance, 2020, framed by Uttar Pradesh government to curb incidences of Love Jihad.

Though several such sordid sagas of Love Jihad have come to fore, the mainstream media sweeps them under the carpet or when they are unable to ignore it, calls them instances of ‘inter-faith love’. These Jihad friendly propaganda-journalists refuse to acknowledge the fact there is no element of ‘love’ in such cases and deceptive romance by misrepresentation is only used as a tool to convert non-Muslim women to Islam.

News input and image source: Breaking Tube

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