Rahul Gandhi ie. the Nawabzade of Bharat went Rahul Gandhi on 3rd of February while delivering his speech at Lok Sabha. His speech looked more of a humourous one than being political and was filled with wrong facts which could not hold a drop of water. Rahul Gandhi in his nonsensical speech also went up to raise many nonsensical issues.

Rahul Gandhi in his speech went up to point out fingers at the BJP government that because for the foreign policies of the Central Government, the ties between Pakistan and China got stronger and the two countries got closer which doesn’t hold a single mole of water.

Rahul Gandhi alleged in Lok Sabha that it is this Government which brought Pakistan and China together.Perhaps, some history lessons are in order But –
In 1963, Pakistan illegally handed over the 1)Shaksgam valley to China which clearly shows Pakistan and China had a very strong relationship back then.
2) China built the Karakoram highway through PoK in the 1970s.
3) -From the 1970s, the two countries also had close nuclear collaboration.
4) In 2013, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor started.

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