India China Standoff & The Global Realignment

The 21st Century is popularly called as the Asian Century not without any reason! In 2050, three out of the top five and 12 out of the top 25 economies will be from Asia. Yet, the real story is not about economy, but about the geo-political aspirations backed by huge military buildup. To this, add China’s expansionist agenda and assertiveness on territorial claims leading to growing distrust and uneasiness and we have perfect ingredients for likely flare-ups. Is Asia going the same way as Europe went in the initial half of the 20th Century? What the emerging geo-political scenarios means for India and what options it can exercise?

I’m a Soldier

I don’t entertain you within or outside the borders I just save you, the Nation and her borders. I don’t dance and sing and...

Eastern Gangas of Odisha- A story of defiance

Odisha gave shelter to the Hindu art and religion that were dispersed due to the vandalism of the Turks in the north. Jagannath Puri emerged as the supreme centre of Hindu religion in India. While the iconoclastic zeal of Islam was wiping out every trace of Hindu architecture from north, the monumental super-structures of the Hindu architectural genius were raised at Puri and Konarak, an act of defiance. In fact, Odisha remained the only major independent Hindu state when all of India fell under sword of Alauddin Khilji.