There has been a constant rise in the disparaging comments against Hindu gods in India. Unfortunately, its our Hindu youth, who are taking the lead in displaying a “cool” secular image, which in plain and simple terms correlates to a leftist denominated idea of a free society. This “freedom” proclaims an unlimited dose of cheap titillation. The Media Industry is promoting this debauchery in the name of freedom of expression. Who do we blame for all this? Schools, colleges, parents, social media, publishing houses, or the television and film industry? Well, All of them!

A recent tweet from one of the education correspondents, Srishti Jaswal of Hindustan Times, called Shri Krishna as a “Womanizer”. If we think this was just a reporter’s idea, we are mistaken. This indicates the state of our media houses, which are run by the leftist cabal and have little respect for culture and traditions. Incidentally, the same media houses will dare not publish anything against economically powerful Christianity or violently regressive fundamentalist Islam. Another example of such a behaviour was shown when a stand-up comedian, Surleen Kaur made derogatory remarks against ISKCON and Shri Ganesha. Imagine the audacity of serving such a nonsense against Hindu religion in the name of Comedy.

Hinduphobic Bollywood

The rot does not stop here. Let’s look at the Bollywood songs like “ ishq ke naam pe karte sab “RAASLEELA HAI, RAM CHAHE LEELA”. Do you remember these lyrics? It is so unfortunate that we enjoy and hum these songs without raising any questions and parents are taking pride in their children dancing on these vulgar Bollywood songs and putting them on YouTube.Movies like “ OMG”, “PK” or the recent Netflix movie “ BULBBUL” denigrate Hindu gods left right and center. One of their songs goes as far with lyrics- “ KALANKINI RADHA”. Also, young college crowd is looking for short term narcissist fame and going to the extent of damaging Hindu idols in temples as happened in Gujarat last week.

Schools are teaching history to the young minds, portraying Tipu Sultan as a secular king and who repaired temples. It is conveniently forgotten that he was responsible for killings and forced conversion of millions of Hindus because he believed in the supremacy of Islam over any other belief. With that kind of false narrative, Tipu Sultan is being celebrated by the state.

Time is Ripe, for all right-minded Hindus to use the same social media which discredits our culture, to spread the virtue and also collectively enforce strict economic and legal fines on the defaulters

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