Tata Tanishq has released a love jihad advertisement hurting the sentiments of majority Hindus. Unlike Mullahs coming on the streets and burning the Tanishq shops, Hindus have peacefully registered their protest through social media. However, NDTV news reported that one of the outlets of Tanishq in Gujrat was attacked by Hindus.

In the era of 4G communication and social media, people have immediately contacted that outlet in Gujarat for the confirmation. The outlet manager outrightly rejected the news claims of NDTV. The local police were also got informed and they too rejected claims of an attack on the Tanishq outlet live on camera. 

Once that fake news report busted, NDTV news has changed their report. But, this has left the question unanswered why they have done a fake news story. The answer lies in their consecutive support for the jihad and jihadi riots happening in the country. We understand that media should criticize the current government, but are Indian news and media groups limited to that? The answer is no.

Then what are they doing? They are certainly working on their left Islamic ideology. They report Banglore riots by Muslims as they were guarding a Hindu temple. They hire some people to cook the stories fueling casteist tensions among Hindus in Hathras. They refuse to report attacks on Hindus in Rajasthan. They support the Islamic captivation of Delhi in the name of protests. 

Indian Media tries to put all the blame of the Delhi riots on Kapil Mishra when national investigation agencies find terrorism angle and involvement of native Mullahs. They use all the tricks to propagate their jihadi agendas. NDTV went ahead and created even a fact check agency called Alt News. That Alt News is also found approving fake facts and news to be true. This fake news reporting freaks even a common man whether Indian media cartel has left some shame into their eyes.

Media and journalism are certainly a business model, but they must have some ethics. They should behave on a certain code of conduct, which does not feel the case with Indian media. Indian journalists such as Arfa, Barkha, Rajdeep, Ravish, Pranav, Ayyub, Chitra, and news channels such as NDTV, ABP, and Aaj Tak look completely shameless peddling fake news for money and their jihadi leftist agendas.

They are found reporting thousands of fake news cases. Indian Government’s IT&B minister also looks meek in front of these media cartels. They must cancel the license of at least NDTV, found involved in so many fake news reporting cases. As responsible citizens of the country, we, too, must boycott these fake media houses and call their fake agendas bluntly. I doubt whether these jihadi left media houses should be called the part of the fourth pillar of democracy.

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