French Cinderella, German Cinderella, and IL.zam

Human babies are born only with the brain, the hardware. Mind, the software, forms after birth, including OS and all the Apps, which are installed by parents, family, and immediate society. So human babies become what family they are born into. Cinderella is a European story. It reached England, and the world ruled by them, through translations. In Europe, story has two versions, French, and German. First Cinderella the name. The girl, mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, after completing the day's chores in the evening, used to go and sit in the cinders by Chimney. So they used to call her Cinder-arse (In German version, name is accordingly ashenputtel) which became Cinderella.

Carl Sagan on #Hinduism

"In his landmark TV series Cosmos, Carl Sagan called Hinduism the only religion whose time-scale for the universe matches the billions of years documented by modern science. Sagan filmed that segment in a Hindu temple featuring a statue of the god Shiva as the cosmic dancer, an image that now stands in the plaza of the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva."

What really is Murti Puja?

As you know ‘Murti Puja’ has been on target by several religious scholars, and in general. This trend is still going on, and logic...