sickness to wellness

 we all have experienced sickness sometimes it is temporary health issue , sometimes it takes long time to get over it, if you are going...

Modern Yoga and its Relation to Classical Indian Texts

मनःप्रशमनोपायो योग इत्यभिधीयते॥ Transliteration:manaḥpraśamanopāyo yoga ityabhidhīyate॥ English Translation:The recourse to pacify the mind is called yoga. Source:Mahopaniṣad 5.42 Yoga has been a Bharatiya and...

The Vaccination Day

I had little reason to be lugubrious, but I felt as much nonetheless so soon as I arose on the beclouded morning of the...

day-49 Pranayama:Nadi Shodhanam

51 Days Yoga Consciousness Series 2nd May-21st June 2021 Knowledge of Yoga is infinite, boundless and timeless. “Learning Yoga is an everlasting journey that...

Do we Know of Our right to make Decisions About Our Medical Treatment?

A person’s exercise of self-determination and autonomy involves the exercise of his right to decide whether and to what extent he/she is willing to submit himself/herself to medical procedures and treatments, choosing amongst the available alternative treatments or, for that matter, opting for no treatment at all which, as per his or her own understanding, is in consonance with his or her own individual aspirations and values

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