This article is the fourth and the last part of the series “Communists, the constant antagonists of the Indian state”. In this series of articles, I point out and try to brief down the incidents which make Communists, the constant antagonists of the Indian state.


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So far, i have stated 15 instances in three different articles which authenticates the title of the series “Communists, the constant antagonists of the Indian state”. Let’s dip down to hunt another such instances to substantiate the assertion.


16- Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India-Marxist didn’t want India to align and have close ties with Israel during the first term of the Modi government. Everyone knows the importance of having close ties with Israel. Close India- Israel ties are important from the security point of view, diplomatic point of view and the point of view from the Middle Eastern politics but still the Communist parties didn’t want this to happen. Till today, the communist parties have always maintained a significant distance from the Israel and always came forward in taking anti-isreal stand. “Free Palestine” is a two word slogan which can be frequently heard from the mouth of desi communists.


17- Communist Party of India-Marxist attacked the Army Chief of India, Bipin Rawat over the statement made by him on stone pelting and stone pelters in Kashmir. Army chief Bipin Rawat came up with a view that the stone pelters in Kashmir are behaving like On ground terrorists and will be dealt with sternly. Bipin Rawat was of the point that many stone pelters are children who were driven out of schools by the people with terrorist mindset and are told to take up stones against the military. Regarding this statement of the Army chief the Communist Party of India Marxist came forward against him. It is not new for the communist parties residing in India to take up stand against the Army. There have been many occasions where the desi communists termed the security forces as rapists and also took a stand to break Kashmir from India.


18- In the meeting of the SAARC countries which the Prime Minister of India called for the raising up of funds for the SAARC countries amid the covid-19 crisis, Pakistan as always came up with Kashmir issue in the SAARC meeting which didn’t got much of an attention from the SAARC countries ,the member countries even criticised Pakistan for raising the issue but it was only the Communist Party of India-Marxist who could easily see sense in the senseless move of Pakistan.


19- On 16th June, 2020 during the violent clash which happened with Chinese troops in order to protect the territory, 20 brave Indian Army soldiers got martyred for the motherland. They fought bravely and caused a casualty of 43 in the Chinese side. But instead of boosting the morale of the Indian Army and criticizing the China and Chinese army for its move to capture other’s territory, the Communist Party of India Marxist on 16th June organised a protest against the BJP government led by Narendra Modi. When it comes to Indian and Chinese troops having friction, the communist parties always leans towards the Chinese side by betraying its own nation.


20- On 2020 All India Party Meeting was being chaired by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi over the India China border issues in Ladakh. In the meeting it was expected that every political party irrespective of their ideologies will turn towards the centre and will give up their differences to come together because it was the question of national integrity. But sadly there were three political parties which decided to go against the national interest and take anti-government stand at this crucial time. it was no surprise that the two political parties among the three were Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India Marxist. In the All India Party Meeting, Communist Party of India instead of blaming China, blame the Modi government for going close with the US. CPI’s D Raja said that “we need to resist us efforts to drag us into their alliance”. The Communist Party of India did not utter a single word against China. There have been friction between United States and China and the US is looking for Allies to stand against China, India can fulfill United States’s need. The relationship between the US and India has never been this close in the history. No surprise Communist Party of India Marxist join the line with CPI. CPI-M’s Sitaram yechury stressed on the principles of Panchsheel to deal with China. Blaming the India’s government for the friction between India and China itself shows the priorities of Communist parties that are presently in India.


21- Recently China celebrated 100 years of the ruling Communist Party,CCP. Big celebrations where are organised in Beijing to celebrate the occasion. The Chinese embassy in India hold a seminar in order to celebrate hundred years of Communist Party of China in which 4 communist leaders were called. The four communists include Sitaram Yechury who is the General Secretary of Communist Party of India Marxist, D. Raja who is the General secretary of Communist Party of India, G Devarajan who is the top leader of All India Forward Bloc and S Senthil Kumar who is a parliamentarian from DMK party. This four Indian Communists did nothing but sat down listening to the Chinese ambassador about Chinese communism. The ambassador of China used the floor to go for high talks which highlighted China wants peace, non agression and mutual respect. This 4 desi communists served as a medium for China’s gimmick. These 4 desi communists sat quietly in approval and congratulated CCP for completing it’s 100 years and also spoke high about the CCP’s so called achievements .


22- During the interview in Scoopwoop, Sitaram Yechury who is the General Secretary of Communist Party of India Marxist categorically stated that he has great affinity with China. Regarding the human rights violation which is happening in China where organ harvesting is being done of Uyghur Muslims, Sitaram yechury directly came up with the conclusion that these reports are rubbish and no human rights violation are being done in China. moreover to support his claim he presented the stance of China in this particular matter. Moreover Sitaram yechury did not found anything wrong with the curtailing of freedom of speech which is going on in China. The same desi communists show themselves as the flag bearers of freedom of speech.


23- There have been many reports which says that Communist Parties in India are responsible for giving funds to the Maoists/Naxals which help them to carry on violance against the Indian state. Thousands of security forces are being martyred because of these Maoists/ Naxals who want to achieve the dream of a communist earth with violence. In 1969 Charu Mazumdar, a Communist was the one who founded CPIM-L to achieve the communist dream through arms.


Communists stand has never been aligned with the interests of Bharat. They have always been in the forefront in opposing India’s stand on any subject. Communists without a competiton owe the title of being “the constant antagonists of the Indian state”.

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