History is full of incidents of an extreme degree of religious intolerance displayed by followers of Islam towards non-muslims. It is so much that if you start to mention it, you will lose your mind in the process. Wherever Islam spread, a similar pattern is noticed. How else do you think that in less than 1500 years Islam is the second largest religion of the world? I am not jealous, I’d have no reason to be worried too unless the religion itself is a cause of worry. We, us, while growing up were fed what I like to call the few rotten apples theory, the premise of which was that majority of the Muslims are peace-loving people and only a handful of people who have misinterpreted the Quran are giving the entire community a bad name. Furthermore, we were also given a powerful dose of secularism through various methods such as the History syllabus of CBSE which up till Standard 10th very briefly discusses ancient India and focuses mostly on medieval and modern history of India. There too we are spared the hard stuff. When describing a Mughal Emperor the focus of the chapter is mostly on how wealthy he was, what a large army he commanded, number of elephants and cavalry, a deliberate attempt to make him look as a great administrator, how he forged an alliance by marrying a Hindu princess but, we are spared the fact that the same guy ordered katl-e-aam in Chittor a few years later which means kill everybody. Women, children, elderly, disabled, everyone. Another aspect was the glorification of the Muslim involvement in the freedom struggle. Those of us, who know about the Khilafat, know that Muslim participation in Indian independence is not only grossly overstated but also was based on certain conditions. As kids, we read something in the school text book, how are we going to challenge that? Moreover, in our culture, teachers are given the status of Gods, so we take the word of the teacher and the books, that are to be treated as divine as well as they are the incarnation of Saraswati, as final and true. Visit any public school in India and even private schools, you can see students making sure the books don’t fall on the ground and if they do, pay respect to it by touching it with their foreheads, same goes for the school bag which holds the books, in most cases this is inculcated while kids are not old enough to go to school. So what happens when the education ministry itself is under the control of a Marxist and history is being misrepresented and falsified? Our parents were too busy with their jobs to sit us down and say, “look this is all bullshit, read it, write it as an answer when the test comes, but don’t buy into this crap.” So on we went buying into crap which was custom made to ensure entire generations were robbed of the truth because the truth, well it was just too much to handle for some. Credit goes to the Communists as they precisely chose the Education ministry as their pick for the portfolio which they were guaranteed in return for their support in the elections by the Congress. I mean, Nehru writes, Bharat Ek Khoj, but nowhere do you see the truth about Muslim oppression of Hindus, the religious violence, and the slave trade. Did they spare us, did their pretence of ensuring communal harmony by hiding gory details work? So, from Ghori defeating Prithviraj Chauhan till Nader Shah’s plunder of Delhi, the natives of this land were under subjugation. Yes, there were Hindu kings who acted as Vassals of the Delhi Sultanate, there were other Muslims in the south but until the British beat the runt of the Mughals and consolidated their rule, India and its Hindus along with Buddhists, Jains & later on Sikhs faced severe oppression for 6 centuries. The Brits had their own agenda and they went about it. So my question to the people today is, in India how the hell has this atmosphere been created where Hindus have been declared as the villains and the entire fuckin world is concerned only about the rights of the Muslims?

Hindus did not have any say until 1947, and after that Nehru made sure that we still did not. What guilt are we living under? What guilt are WE, US, EVERYBODY WHO IS NOT A MUSLIM, living under? We let our temples get desecrated, we let our gurus get stoned and beheaded, our ancient scriptures turned to ashes and yet we are the guilty ones. What great tragedy has befallen the Muslims the world over and especially in India that they are all of a sudden the victims and everyone else is a fascist, racist, xenophobe? WE GAVE THEM EVERYTHING. The most fertile land in the subcontinent is in Pakistan today! It used to be in India but it is in Pakistan now. The place from where our civilization spawned, it is in Pakistan today. Mehrgarh, MohenjoDaro, Harappa, Gandhara and Taxila, other than Patliputra, the most important places of OUR ancient civilization are in Pakistan today, Lahore which was a Hindu dominated area, is in Pakistan today, most of us have forgotten that there was east Pakistan as well, now Bangladesh, if we go to war with China today, our navy does not have a port from where to launch operations in the east thanks to us agreeing to give what Muslims wanted. Not only this, those who remained, they too were given everything. So what exactly happened to these guys that makes them victims?

They were the ones who asked for a separate nation, they got that. They have their own personal law in India, Indian law on animal sacrifice is not applicable on Muslims when they celebrate Bakr Eid which is an entire festival of offering sacrifice. There are so many flags Muslims across the world use, the contents are the same, a crescent and some stars, the colour combination varies a great deal, but our Muslim brothers and sisters prefer the one which also happens to be the flag of Pakistan. Yet, somehow, they are the victims. In Islamic countries the world over, non-muslims are dealt with in a manner which you can only know when you experience it. A lot of Indian Doctors used to work in the gulf, but they were not allowed to wear rings in their fingers, during Ramzan, while the Muslims fast during the day time, they were not allowed to eat in a restaurant until sunset, forget alcohol, my aunt once had a layover and she was carrying a bottle of wine that she was bringing for her father, the bottle was smashed right there on the airport. But when Muslims find themselves in non-muslim countries, they want their faith, feelings, culture to be respected. Surprisingly when Muslims talk about culture, the thing they have in mind is the culture of Arabia. Mulims in Xinjiang province of China want to eat dates in the name of culture. Muslims in India dye their beards with henna, lick honey from their palms, cover up their women in burqa, these days I’ve seen a new embellishment to the burqa and that is a transparent black strip of fabric for the eyes of the poor soul. African-Americans who have everybody’s sympathy, in the name of culture don’t walk down the streets of Harlem or South Central L.A. naked, wearing claw necklaces and a spear in hand. People who converted to Islam in India, today view the Arabian culture, language as their own and then plead the upholding of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb.

In 1990, India and those paying attention the world over, saw the first signs of what happens when Muslims in a particular area, cross the majority mark in population in a non-muslim country. The result for all to see was local Mosques in Kashmir, declaring all Hindus as kafirs and laying down two options, either leave, where only the males will be allowed to leave and the women have to be left behind or, convert to Islam. Rest is history.

So why is everyone so concerned about Muslims? They are going to say that they are concerned for everybody, but I don’t remember Farhan Akhtar talking about the 57 people who were burnt alive by a Muslim mob in Godhara, Gujarat in 2002. I don’t remember Naseeruddin Shah feeling scared for the country when Owaisi Jr. spoke about killing all the Hindus in the country, since the past 10 weeks, the kind of statements that have been coming from the ‘protesters’, like cutting off the north-east of India, how is that secular, nationalist, peace-loving, and every other thing which questions or exposes these statements communal and fascist? Is it secular and an endorsement of peace to burn public buses and private vehicles in the national capital? Is it secular to oppose a census? Should a country not know just how many mouths are there to feed? The outrage on the statements of Kapil Mishra is nothing new. Any counter narrative has no place in our democracy it seems. For 70 days people make all sorts of statements, cause us, the only minority of India, tremendous inconvenience by blocking an important road, the road that we, us, we paid for and use that place to portray a state of utter discrimination. I mean it was so funny in the beginning, Muslims of India asking for azaadi. I was like any more azaadi than this, is going to result in our extermination. Just what exactly do they want freedom from? I’ll tell you. They want freedom from us. All non-muslims. They want freedom from what they see as Hindu oppression. Now wait here. No Hindu, in India, let’s say a shopkeeper, refuses to sell to a Muslim man. No Sikh farmer, lays down a condition that his crop should only be used for non-muslims, no Christian, refuses service to a Muslim, nowhere in India is a Muslim man, woman or child denied entry to a hospital. They have always had voting rights, there is no barrier to entry in politics for Muslims, there is no discrimination in terms of employment, Muslims are not denied entry into the armed forces because of their religion, the number of mosques and madrassas has grown exponentially since 1947, there are no restrictions on availing public services such as health care, legal help, purchasing property, admission to schools and universities, then what exactly is the discrimination and oppression they are crying about?

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