Burden of Truth

“…nothing is more perilous than truth in a world that lies”   – Nawal El Saadawi

The suppression of truth, is a weapon. We have come up with elaborate ways to make sure that a lot of information regarding real events either remains hidden from the public eye or is systemically buried in garbage. You see news anchors doing it all the time, live, on national television, the main issue gets a fleeting mention and the image they want you to see takes its place. As soon as somebody starts making sense they are cut off and the anchor switches to someone more in sync with their agenda. We have come up with the term “classified” to make sure that information, detrimental to national security is controlled and not allowed to be misused. It makes sense. We live in the information age where information also, just like truth is a weapon. You see people use it as a weapon every day. There was no way the founders of google, Facebook, twitter ever imagined that they will one day be asked to make sure that nobody misuses their platforms to peddle fake stuff. Today, there is no way for you to guess what your neighbour’s kid is reading on the internet. I remember the first time I saw an ISIS beheading video and I simply couldn’t believe it. I really thought that it was fake. It was so far beyond my imagination, the existence of a place like that not that far from India, under the stranglehold of an evil the likes of which we had never seen before and the scary part is, it is for all to see. It is out there, all you have to do is run a google search and you can see it. It was supposed to attract likeminded people and it did. The ideology of ISIS attracted people the world over. Many from UP and Kerala also went. BUT, does this find mention in any of the debates on secularism? Do you see Muslims in India or anywhere for that matter, take out marches while holding candles against the atrocities that are being carried out in the name of THEIR religion?

Constantly, non-muslims are asked to furnish proof of their secularism while no Muslim will ever do the same.

73. And trust none except those who follow your religion.” Say, “Guidance is God’s guidance. If someone is given the like of what you were given, or they argue with you before your Lord, say, “All grace is in God’s hand; He gives it to whomever He wills.” God is Bounteous and Knowing.

85. Whoever seeks other than Islam as a religion, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be among the losers.

90. As for those who disbelieve after having believed, then plunge deeper into disbelief, their repentance will not be accepted; these are the lost.

91. As for those who disbelieve and die disbelievers, even the earth full of gold would not be accepted from any of them, were he to offer it for ransom. These will have a painful torment, and will have no saviors.

-Quran, Chapter 3 ali-imran Verses 73,85,90,91

There is no mention of non-Hindus in the Gita. No Hindu temple is claimed by non-Hindus as being built on a place where their temple or shrine used to be. Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists are busy leading their lives normally, there is no divine decree to wage war or compete with people of a different faith but, when it comes to Islam that is all you get to see.

144. O you who believe! Do not befriend disbelievers rather than believers. Do you want to give God a clear case against you?

 -Quran Chapter 4 an-nisa. Verse 144.

The truth is constantly being tampered with. In many cases it is being trampled altogether and in its place a different narrative is floated. The Nazis understood the value of this. They had Joseph Goebbels as Minister of Propaganda charged with making movies which would display the might of the Nazi army and their triumphs over the allies. The Muslim invaders understood it as they made sure that no record of previous times existed by burning libraries and then they had their own people, write a new history. So, for the sake of the real minority, I want to share some truth with you.

  • Those who most fervently wanted a separate state for Muslims, those who financed the movement and mobilised men, stayed back in India. They are the Nawabs of various places in UP.
  • The Muslim League which was the political party spearheading the Pakistan movement, after 1947 found itself out of a job and all its members joined the Indian communists because as you all know, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
  • If the commies are atheists, then they should be against all organised religions of the world but instead, commies in India see Hinduism alone as their target and at the same time defend Islam. Any guesses why?
  • The Islamists who joined the commies when Muslim League was no longer required have taken over the commie mob.
  • They have termed a Hindu uprising as the worst possible thing by attributing a destruction of “liberal values and way of life” in the event of such an uprising. To legitimise their claim they sought the help of those Hindus who according to the caste system were at the bottom of the pyramid and the ambitious among them joined hands with the commie mob and together they formed the “left-liberal class” of India.
  • These “left-liberals”, a term that is used globally by attention seekers with a messed up upbringing and an identity crisis, saw in Nehru the guy most conducive to their mission. The mission was simple, keep Indians socially divided and hostile towards one another, armed rebellion in strategic places, union politics, economic destabilisation, civil war and ultimately the rule of Allah by outbreeding the Hindus.
  • Nehru, due to his ego was unable to strike a good relationship with the Americans and was left with no other option but to turn towards USSR.
  • This worked out beautifully for the commie mob, they started mobilising and exploited the poor, illiterate and simple Indians by brainwashing them and had them take up arms against the state.
  • The Left Wing Extremism would go on to claim thousands of lives and billions of rupees. Our internal security was compromised.
  • For China it worked out as it always wanted to gain access to the Bay of Bengal and armed rebellion was the weapon of choice for the commies. The war of 62 should have warned us against the “liberals” but by then “Nehruvian Socialism” provided the liberals with an immunity which only started to wane after 2014.
  • The stretched troops motivated our brothers and sisters in Pakistan to go to war with us with the intent of re-establishing Muslim rule over India like before the English.
  • Somehow we manage to fend them off in 1965. But the sorry state of affairs was too tempting for them. A little while later, the Islamist agenda was at full display in East Pakistan where ethnic cleansing of Bengalis was being done and Pakistani commanders were determined to breed them out by inserting what they thought was the true Muslim DNA into them via mass rapes.
  •  Indian intervention in the genocide of Bengalis resulted in another war and a resounding, embarrassing defeat of Pakistan, the creation of Bangladesh.
  • This defeat spawned the vengeance formula of Pakistan which stepped up its effort to destabilise India with the terrorism in Punjab under the façade of Khalistan. They wanted to get even by chopping off a portion of India just as we did with East Pakistan.
  • When it became apparent that the Khalistan movement will not result in fruition, they turned their attention towards Kashmir.
  • Kashmir was ripe for the taking due to a complete lack of effort and diligence by Nehru, his daughter, his grandson and all the other leaders who had an opportunity to do something about it till 1990.
  • All the while this agenda of Pakistanis, was being forwarded by the Pakistani sperm donors who stayed behind and became commies and subsequently left-liberals. They infiltrated the Universities, started corrupting young minds, were given the status of “opinion-makers” and “intellectuals” and found their way into our homes with the help of newspaper articles, magazines and then television.
  • The armed rebellion doctrine of the commies, was at full display in the north east of India, in central India in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, in the North West we had the Khalistan movement and in the north we had Jihadis of Kashmir. India was besieged from within.
  • Policies to keep the societal fabric damaged and suitable for exploitation, were devised and implemented by Congress governments. Appeasement of the highest order was witnessed in the Shah Bano case. BR Ambedkar was given Bharat Ratna, packaged as a symbol of reversing the oppression but in reality to keep the Hindu community divided and not let the wounds heal. Quotas were put in place and turned into a political weapon. Akbar became Akbar The Great and Pratap was nowhere to be seen. Tipu Sultan became a patriot and Salman Rushdie’s book was banned in a country which supposedly is secular.
  • Then came a wave of terrorist attacks on Indian civilians. From hijacking IC 184 to storming the parliament, it was a circus. A deplorable state of affairs. Frustrating and anger inducing but, nothing happened.
  • The left liberals went on drinking scotch and champagne, donning silk sarees with embroidery, a big ass bindi on their forehead and driving around central Delhi, leaving butt prints on the seats of India International Centre and the India Habitat Centre, talking about class conflict, while we, us, continued to work, use public transport, get blown up in the name of Allah and still, pay taxes!
  • The utter lack of character displayed by us Indians, was too hard to resist and another attempt was made on the sovereignty of India by those who wanted to turn India into an Islamic state in the form of Kargil. Somehow, the dirt poor Indians who make up the majority of our soldiers, from various corners of our country, who do not know what the fuck Chardonnay is and what the fuck Das Kapital is, lay down their lives, orphan their kids, widow their wives and make their parents wish that they should have died instead, they save us and once again India holds on.
  • The media, having realised that nobody actually gives a damn about this stuff, shunted the stories of CRPF jawans stepping on land mines in Chattisgarh to a tiny column on the 4th page while the news of a Bollywood entertainer being Manglik or not got preference.
  • The poor tax payer was desensitised to corruption, pot holes, power outages, diseases and most importantly, the idea of a nation.
  • A mockery is made of the democratic process by short lived governments. The power grubbing whores who call themselves our leaders were jumping all around giving support and withdrawing support. In essence, when it became clear after Rajiv Gandhi that the nation was desperate for an alternative, the congress party made sure that come what may, the alternative must not be provided and if the alternative came up on its own then it should not be allowed to survive.
  • By now, we have a whole lot of samaajwadis(socialists). There was Congress, preaching Nehruvian Socialism, then there were other people who also tagged along like Bahujan Samaajwadi Party and the Samaajwadi Party who themselves own businesses and properties all over the country and indulge in rampant corruption and exploitation of the poor.
  • Our population keeps growing exponentially, the number of illiterate and poor keep growing, the unorganised sector keeps flourishing, the government sector stops recruitment of essential services such as Police, heavy shortage of Doctors due to a dearth of Medical Colleges and poor pay structure in the Public Health Sector. The education sector along with the health sector always found mention on the agendas of political parties but suffered abandonment after the elections.
  • Somehow all this while no commie or samaajwadi for that matter, was worried or agitated. It was good times all around.
  • The discomfort of being outside the government while Atal Bihari Vajpayee was Prime Minister had also gone. He was simply too brilliant and too great of a man for the mob to be able to do anything. He was loved by the commoners who elected him thrice in a period of seven years. That kind of connect with the citizens and that statesmanship, the character was simply beyond their cognitive capacity and they chose to just wait it out.
  • Then came “the decade of darkness.” UPA 1 & 2 took us for a ride. They opened up. They showed us what they were truly like. Scams, bad loans, terror strikes, farmer suicides, a non-factor, non-participant on the world stage, no vision, no intent. It was the most depressing period of our lives.
  • The rural India, which was supposed to attain unprecedented levels of growth after abolishing landownership was in tatters. To ensure the desolate state of the rural masses continued, when finally a Panchayati Raj Ministry was created in 2004 by UPA 1, they shit on all of rural India by making Mani Shankar Aiyar the minister of that.
  • The frustration was at unprecedented levels and then finally, the sacrifice of our ancestors bore fruit and Modi was declared as the Prime Ministerial candidate.

It was as if somebody just woke up the army of the dead. The white walkers descended upon this country. The commie mob/left liberals/closet jihadis who so far were busy getting a mani-pedi as their agenda was on auto pilot, suddenly found their world shook and their slumber broken due to a heavy turbulence in the form of a potential Modi win. To their disappointment, it was Rahul himself on the dragon instead of Daenerys who was making sure they did not win. All the people whining today about how the polarising policies and rhetoric of the NDA government are responsible for what happened in Delhi once again, are doing what they do best, is to draw attention away from the real problem and indulge in Modi bashing. Make no mistake when they bash Modi, they are bashing the nation, us, who voted for him.

The Right, I am talking about the right wing, has been the world over portrayed as the enemy. The Right has been associated with backwardness, religious imposition, persecution in the name of religion and culture, paternalistic, discrimination of all types including gender, and in general bad for mankind.

I do not think that there is a better description of Islam than that!

All the stuff the leftists say about the right wing, all of it is the essence of Islam. You can see it for yourself. The constant outpour of solidarity with the Muslims has left everyone else feeling unwanted.

Man what about our side of the story? What about our feelings and our freedom of expression? In a country which is supposed to be secular, why does a prominent singer face death threats upon complaining about loudspeakers being used for religious purposes? I have no dilemma whatsoever in saying that ALL loudspeakers should be fuckin banned. Religion cannot be imposed. It is a choice.

The most frequent tool to instil fear in the minds of the youth by the left liberals is that if the right wing, by which they mean BJP stays in power, then slowly but surely their lifestyle will get hijacked. They will not be allowed to party, girls will not be allowed to wear shorts and bikinis, they will be forced to go to the temple, forced to not have pre-marital relationships and then marry within the community. Isn’t that what happens in Islam? They are already doing it but somehow the BJP and what it might do one day is more important a concern.

Jamia girls with a rag on their head, can preach religious freedom, tolerance and what not. Shut the fuck up. But God forbid a Hindu with a tika on his head talk about all that. He will be labelled a fake. A mulla with a lice infested beard and a skull cap, wearing pyjama bottoms which do not go lower than his ankles is secular, but a Hindu Sadhu wearing saffron colour clothes and a dhoti is a fanatic.

The truth is no female reporter from any of the western media organisations, when reporting poverty in rural India, is forced to wear a Sari, but the most secular and peace loving people of the world will fuckin kill her if they see a woman without a burqa, I mean even though they are surrounded by armed personnel, these war reporters of CNN still have to dress up in that lovely black costume.

It is somehow all good if you make Kamal Nath the chief minister of a state, whose role in the 1984 Sikh Massacre is no secret but it is “the murder of democracy” and “nazi mentality” if Pragya Thakur is given an election ticket.

If a few Supreme Court Judges hold a presser and raise concerns over allocation of cases to Judges then the judiciary is ‘the only remaining institute yet be corrupted by Modi’ and if the same court dismisses the horseshit about Rafale then it is compromised.

19 soldiers are killed in the Uri attack and we respond by sending our guys to the other side and put a beat on those crazy quran lickers thinking about a garden where rivers flow underneath and, the traitors back home call it fake. A lie which has been washed over and repeated so many times is that there is no mention of Jihad in the Quran and obviously, the truth is standing in a corner with its dick in its hands.

216. Fighting is ordained for you, even though you dislike it. But it may be that you dislike something while it is good for you, and it may be that you like something while it is bad for you. God knows, and you do not know.

218. Those who believed, and those who migrated and fought for the sake of God—those look    forward to God’s mercy. God is Forgiving and Merciful.

244. Fight in the cause of God, and know that God is Hearing and Knowing.

-Quran, Chapter 2, al baqarah Verses 216,218,244

40 CRPF soldiers are killed in Pulwama and even before we did anything, once again the same bunch of people shit on it by suggesting Modi and the BJP staged the attack to gain sympathy.

I mean the lies, have no end. The liars have no filter.

The truth is that Theo Van Gogh was hacked to death for making a movie on the status of women in Islam. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, unlike you and me, cannot have a beach vacation for fear of her life.

The Charlie Hebdo magazine puts out a cartoon, and they get attacked for it with automatic weapons, 11 employees killed, one jihadi yelled at a woman who was hiding under a desk to convert to Islam, wear a veil and read the quran. Before the 2015 attack on Charlie Hebdo, several other attempts were made to kill their staff. It happens and everyone is sad and showing solidarity but no attempt to address the root cause. Indian sycophants did their part with Mani Shankar Aiyar defending the attack saying that France should not have banned the hijab.

The truth is that way before Modi, or BJP, or RSS for that matter, back in 1927 a book was published titled “Rangila Rasul”. It was written by an Arya Samaji in retaliation to a pamphlet which was circulated by a Muslim depicting Sita as a prostitute. The publisher, Mahashe Rajpal who did not disclose the identity of the writer was stabbed and killed in 1929. That was a blasphemy killing. There is no mention of that nor any outrage, but there is outrage by the left liberals if MF Hussain is confronted for painting Bharat Mata nude.

There is always some grey area in every law enacted. Similarly laws pertaining to hate speech, rather than ensuring social harmony instead create discord because now, nobody can say anything critical of someone else even if it must be said. The truth is that the hate speech law in India was enacted by the British to appease to the Muslims after the Rangila Rasul incident. This paved the way for Muslims to go on about their business without criticism as it was now a criminal offense to criticise. Kapil Sibal tried to do the same thing with Section 66A of the IT Act.

The truth is that JNU, which is hailed as a premier institution, whose school of social sciences seems to be the solution to all the problems of the world, sees posters plastered on the wall calling Durga a prostitute. There is no outrage over that.

Last year or the year before, a rape is reported and a cartoonist in Hyderabad, draws a cartoon where Sita can be seen telling Ram that she is not afraid of Ravan but his bhakts are who scare her suggesting that all rapists should be seen through the lens of religion and that all of them are Hindus. There is no outrage over that.

The truth is that Enis Kanter, a Turkish basketball player who plays in the NBA, criticized Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s politics on a facebook post, his passport was cancelled and he was officially declared a traitor and a terrorist by the Turkish government. That guy was not able to leave America for anywhere until recently Canada assured him of no hassles and let him play a league game in Toronto.

The truth is that Golshifteh Farahani lives her life in exile because of a photo shoot. No religious symbols or anything, just because she did a topless shoot.

Sayyid Ruhollah Khomeini, the Iranian head of state, back when Satanic Verses came out, till date, is the only head of state of a United Nations member country, who ordered the killing and put out a bounty, on a foreign national.

The intolerance of Muslims, their communal disposition is so strong, that it is almost impossible for anyone to stand up to them. It is for all to see how Tarek Fatah is heckled by Indian Muslims. The few within Islam have no incentive to talk about reform when they see those outside Islam being killed for critiquing the religion.

The truth is that all the talk about de-alienation and mainstreaming the Muslim population is garbage. Muslims who are welcomed with open arms to countries like England, Canada, Germany, who are well educated, who should be blending into the culture of the nation where they have voluntarily gone and intend to live their lives there, those Muslims are still holding on to their Muslim identity, still, they identify themselves as Muslims first.

Why else would Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London have a problem with Donald trump? I mean, he is the mayor of a city which is not in America. Then why does he have time to engage in twitter battles with Trump? Doesn’t he have an entire city to focus on? The answer is simple. Trump spoke against Islamic Terrorism and that is seen by every Muslim as a direct and personal attack on their religion. That is why Sadiq Khan allowed the protesters to float a gigantic balloon over London which had a cartoonish depiction of Trump. I really don’t care, but this needs to be stated because people like him, people like Bella Hadid who is a model and was born in America to a Palestinian father and an American mother, takes part in an anti-Israel protest march, someone like Zayn Malik, a pop singer, the son of a Pakistani, born in the UK, tweets “free Palestine.” These people are not alienated, they are not left out of the development program, they are mainstreamed but rather than helping their fellow Muslims genuinely by tackling issues such as the high birth rate and the reproductive and child health issues as a consequence, attempt to improve education and counter radicalisation, they are all busy using their platforms to strengthen the narrative of victimhood and gain popularity by saying exactly what Muslims world over want to hear.

Hindu teri kabar khudegi(hindu,your grave will be dug), bhagwa jalega(saffron will burn), fuck Hinduism, kafiron se azaadi(freedon from hindus), well, no fuckin way. You guys have pushed normal, minding their own business, barely religious people like me, us, to fuckin start paying attention and I think you just fucked yourselves. You beat your wife, you use her till she cant bear children no more, if she is unable to have sons you get a new wife, you divorce her in a fit of anger and then you come back to your senses and decide to make up but now there is the MOST DISTURBING RELIGIOUS PRACTICE STILL BEING DONE in the form of fuckin Halala, which does not allow her to be your wife unless she marries another man and that marriage is consummated. You keep having children without having the means to support them. They end up growing poor and with a complex, the perfect conditions for them to gravitate towards radical thinking. We are done with your lies of being secular, of being nice, of being denied opportunities, of being the victims. It is time you guys realise that from being 35 million and 9% of the total population in 1951, today you are more than 200 million and more than 20% of the total population, you are not the minority. We, us, we are the real minority. You live here but you do not believe in the concept of a nation. For you it is still about who built the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal and where Halwa came from. We built all those places. The artisans of medieval India who were famous for their craft, they built it. They were enslaved by Timur and taken all the way back to Samarkand and there they built the Mosque which you guys hold very dear, and as the communists say, the workers, the labourers are the real owners. After the partition, when the appeasement culture was being spawned, Sardar Patel opposed it and advocated the onus of responsibility and fealty be put upon the Muslims in light of the pan-India support Muslim League got in the 1946 provincial elections and the bitterness resulting from the subsequent partition, but as always there was Nehru who rather advocated greater efforts by the Hindu majority to make the muslims feel at home. Well gone are the days of Nehru. For you it is all about Ummah. Given your trajectory, at the time being all we have for you is a Ghanta.

Do read this next post, the final one in the first edition of the series, to know what they should do and more importantly what we must do.

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