“the problem is not that there is evil in the world, the problem is that there is good. Because otherwise, who would care?”

I started with the concept of us. By us, I meant the law abiding, peaceful, tax paying citizens of India. I stated that religion did not play a big role in our lives. I myself never, saw my society in separate frames, a frame of caste another of religion one more of region. My classmates were classmates. They had different names but we were all classmates. When we became friends we were friends. There was no barrier to friendship. When I started dating there was no filter for caste or creed in that. But I was always aware not everyone is like that. Slowly it got evident. I would go to McDonalds and some of my friends won’t eat the chicken burger of McDonalds as till then McDonalds was yet to publicly announce that it also served Halal so they would rather prefer KFC. I never hesitated buying meat from a Muslim butcher but apparently no Muslim I know, buys meat from a Hindu butcher. I know a lot of Muslims. I made good friends with quite a few of them. They would eat beef while sitting next to me and I had no objections. I know a lot of non-muslims too who eat beef and I did not have any issues with them either. My Muslim buddies would date non-muslim girls all the time. But when we asked them to introduce one of us to a Muslim girl that they knew, they always said no. While I make sure not to forward, upload, endorse political thoughts and my opinions on what happens, they always do. Some of them are no longer visible in my Whatsapp as they probably have decided to get rid of those who do not agree with them or are not sympathetic to their cause. It was only recently I started paying attention as to what exactly has been happening and then of course you see patterns. A Muslim contractor, will primarily try to employ Muslims. Every Muslim makes donations even if it is as low as Rs.10. Most of the Muslim kids today, born as late as 2008, go to a madrassa after school to learn Arabic and Quran. These include kids of Muslim Doctors, Engineers and other well educated professionals also. It is not simply a ghetto phenomenon. Every Muslim will greet another Muslim in Arabic. Sikhs don’t do it. Hindus don’t do it. Most of all my generation, remember when I spoke of us, we prefer western greetings but the Muslims amongst us, when greeting another Muslim will always use the Arabic greeting. Muslims of all classes have denounced Yoga. Yoga has been such a brilliant ambassador of our country for so many years and saw major galvanisation after Modi won, people all across the world do it, people from all religions do it, atheists do it but Muslims will not. All this led to me realizing that they have their own identity and that identity is separate from the one that we, us, the real minority have and instead of dilution, that identity is being cemented and people are up in arms to safeguard that identity. It became apparent that among us, there are many, but the Muslims are not one of us. They are separate.

A civil servant identifies himself as Muslim first and resigns from the IAS and starts speaking separatist language in Kashmir. A Muslim Indian Police Services officer, resigns for the sake of his community to protest CAA. I mean, the train has not only left the station but unless we rip out the tracks, it will arrive at its destination pretty soon.

That led me to delve deep into what the identity itself meant. What it means to be a Muslim. I had to find out in order to make sense of it all. That’s what you do when you are a rational person who doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions. So I end up reading the Quran. Upon reading the quran, all my questions were answered and I knew then, why Muslims were Muslims first and last. There is no such thing as Radical Islam, it is just Islam. Quran has verses on how to settle disputes and how to draw up written contracts in presence of witnesses. It has verses pertaining to problems those tribals and pagans back in the day had difficulty dealing with. It states how to resolve disputes. How to execute a divorce. It made sure that dowry would not become a subject of differences and clearly states how to handle a divorce when dowry has been taken or not taken. It explains how it is important to keep your weapons close while praying and that one group should stand guard while the other is kneeling. The quran is a set of guidelines, an operations manual, a code of conduct. As such, Islam does not qualify as a religion. It is more of a cult. The quran was written in a way to motivate its readers to overthrow opponents. It was used as a political instrument.

Anyway, it is what it is. The fact is that almost two billion people are Muslims in this world. The way they all seem to stand up for one another it will not be wrong to call them a collective conscience. The birth rate among Muslims is no surprise. They have a code and that code is adhered to by having as many children as possible. Yes they do fight amongst themselves but that is truly an internal matter. So where does that leave us?

I have been hoping and waiting for the Muslims to truly address their issues. They could take some lessons from others around them. The practice of Sati when abolished, stayed abolished. Nobody filed a petition in the highest court after its abolition to bring it back. When it became clear that casteism is a social problem and that the society was not strong enough to get rid of it, laws were enacted to make sure no discrimination based on caste would go unpunished. Child marriage was also a social problem and that too was criminalised and to my knowledge there is no appeal in the Supreme Court for reinstating it. Also don’t think that problems of Hinduism or any other religion are being deliberately ignored. Whatever they are, whether it is aquatic pollution due to pooja samagri, pollution due to havans, practice of dowry still prevalent, all these exist and I, we, us, we are aware of those but to discuss them here will be unfair as none of those things are responsible for any sorts of riots nor give rise to a pathological hatred towards others. More and more Sikhs are not wearing turbans and have short hair. More and more Jains are eating meat and drinking alcohol. More and more Buddhists can be seen owning stuff. So many Christians do not remember when they last went to the Church. But, when it comes to Islam, there is no reform nor a shift towards a liberal way of life yet, they are the one true love of the left liberals the world over. Its followers have been following it blindly. It is not their fault. They have no choice but to. The language of the quran is so final in nature that it prohibits scepticism, criticism is blasphemy and the follower or outsider risks being killed because blasphemy in Islam against their Prophet or God is punishable by death. Moreover this death sentence can be carried out by any other follower of Islam. There is no due process. There is no discussion. As soon as somebody says something, kill the poor bastard. When there is no change from within and outsiders are not allowed to say anything, how does the issue get resolved? I do not see international conferences being held in Riyadh to discuss combative measures to stop the spread of Islamic terrorism.

I, we, have been forced to look at Islam and think about how it affects our lives because our lives are being threatened in the name of Islam. So please bear with me as I humbly put forward my requests and raise my concerns.

My dear ordinary, delusional Muslims of India,

I would love to say that it was not Islam and its followers. That it was just a few people gone astray. But you haven’t left us with any option. The way you all got together and turned CAA into a battle of existence, it has really left no wiggle room for anybody to justify what you did. They tried to justify it, they will keep on trying but it really is too late now. We, us, who are asking the question as to why, for no apparent reason, something that has no bearing on you, are you creating such a fuss about, have been given a glimpse into the future. As you will all agree, for you your religion comes first. The acceptance or accommodation of any other religion is also not an option for you because let’s face it, the quran prohibits you from it. The way I see it, a great injustice has been done with you. You find yourself in an impossible situation. A horrible place. The best place for a Muslim is an Islamic country yes? There, what matters the most, your religion is the dominating factor. It dominates policy making, defence strategy, foreign policy, everything. There you can also rest easy as no Kafir will be living a better life than you. But you, who are here in India, have been asked to carry a heavy burden. The burden is that of living under what you see as Hindu rule. Mind you, even the Congress was mostly Hindu and that too upper caste Hindus. I don’t believe in the caste system but for the sake of you all I have to mention it. Interestingly, the same upper caste Hindus who are denigrated and abused by the commie mob, were the nucleus of the Congress party. Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira, Rajiv, who was part Brahmin-part Parsi the same Parsis whom Arabs annihilated and ousted from Iran, Narsimha Rao was a Niyogi Brahmin, VP Singh was a Rajput and so on. You will find that most of the time the Congress was in power, it was the upper caste Hindus who presided over the government, the bureaucracy, everywhere. The commies who abuse all Hindus and especially the upper caste Hindus, were allies of Congress. The upper caste Hindus are abused not only to placate the Dalits but you guys also as they are still to you, representatives of Hinduism and as such idolatry and immorality.

To make matters worse, after the British left you found yourselves hilariously outnumbered. Just imagine, had we, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and all those who are not you, wanted you exterminated as most of you think we want today, do you think you would’ve lasted for more than 2 years? If that isn’t a testament to our tolerance I don’t know what assurance you all are looking for. But, what have you done? What steps have you guys taken to ensure communal harmony? Seriously ask yourselves that. You will not stop pelting stones on processions on Dusshehra, you will not stop pelting stones on rallies held on Independence Day, you will kill non-muslim boys for dating your daughters, you will defy several rules and regulations, you will say no to vaccines, you will not indulge in family planning or maybe you do but your definition of planning is ‘main ek, meri do aur hamare 12’. You will blatantly speak against the country on social media platforms, indulge in international correspondence and use propaganda to defame the nation as long as it is good for Islam, I mean seriously, give us something guys. Give us something to not look at you through the lens of religion.

Show us that you really do see this, as your home. Those tents with the tricolour hoisted around them and posters of Bhagat Singh aren’t fooling anyone. You know, let us see, the number of Muslims joining the army increase tenfold. You say you are unemployed, well there is a profession for you. Show us your women riding scooters without a burqa. We want to see Islamic countries all over start serving booze in restaurants. The ‘sheroes’ in bikinis. Why is that too much to ask? You question others on women empowerment, you say you are secular then open up bars man, serve ham in those bars as a symbol of religious freedom, or is that freedom only applicable when you want to eat an animal which is scared to 80% of the people of India? Let go of the burqa. Like non-muslim women have given up their traditional clothing. Seriously Farhan, go to Shaheen Bagh and ask those women to dress the way Shibani does. If not them, maybe one of those ‘sheroes’ from Jamia. All these years gone by, no protest march against ISIS in India by Muslims. No candles lit to lament DSP Ayub Pandith’s lynching in front of a mosque in Srinagar on laylat al-qadr, a holy night in Islam but as we all know any day is a good day to kill kafirs but on days of religious significance or a Friday it is even sweeter. His body lay naked on the street for a whole night before the police and CRPF could retrieve it. It was also reported that his body had bite marks. Show us something guys. Or do you simply not want to? I mean, how does that work then?

For instance all other religious groups in India have shown everyone else a lot of stuff which verifies their commitment to the nation and its preservation. Hindus for example, have pushed their kids into education. Sikhs have been farming, are excellent, fearless entrepreneurial people, no need to even discuss the Jains and their business prowess, the Buddhists of India are great ambassadors of peace and culture. What are you guys bringing to the table? All of you. I mean you’d hope that those among you who are privileged would come forth and work for the betterment of the community but we have all gotten to see what their contribution looks like. Your own people, your heroes are letting you down. Farhan Akhtar, Naseeruddin Shah, Javed Jaffry, Aamir Khan, these are privileged people right? People like Irfan Habib, what have they done which can be qualified as a demonstration of a problem solving approach?

You are more than 200 million. 90% of you were Hindus once. Starting 1192 C.E. your ancestors were forced to convert. Aurangzeb died in 1707. Those five centuries saw all your ancestors turn Muslim. I really do not blame them. What a man will not do to ensure his family’s safety. But, when you look back don’t you see, you are as much Indian as we are. You are people of THIS land. Then why do you look at yourselves as descendants of Mughals? Why does Syed Asim Waqar of AIMIM refer to Babur as Badshah-e-Hind? The Mughals were not from here. They were not Indians and they do not exist anymore. Your heart must be here, not in Mecca or Samarkand or Baghdad.

But you didn’t see it in 1947. Or in 1857 for that matter and you are no closer to seeing it in 2020. Somehow your vision got blurred and all you could see was that you were a Muslim and that’s it. People like Syed Ahmad Khan made sure that you would remain blind. Do not forget, the idea that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together, even after centuries of occupation, rape, plunder, humiliation, did not come from the Hindus but your own people whom you still revere. Majority of you are the urban poor I mentioned in the beginning and you have clearly shown your intent by staging protests across Indian cities at the expense of everyone else. You have been programmed to believe that you are the chosen ones, a false sense of machismo and bravery has been instilled in your minds, you have been told that you used to rule but that rule has been snatched from you and you must fight to bring that rule back. You are being lied to. You never ruled. Indian Muslims of today, slumming in ghettos and working blue collar jobs, you guys, your ancestors never ruled. You are the sons of converted Muslims, who used to do the same stuff that you are doing today, fabrication, carpentry, mechanics, tailors, painters, cooks, butchers etc. Those who served in the army, most of them moved to Pakistan. Now, do I need to remind you the plight of the individuals who were indulged in the above mentioned professions during the Mughal era especially in its final stages? You were workers. You never ruled. The Nawabs ruled. You served. So please get that out of your head for your own good. In order to prevent you from applying that logic, the logic common Hindus applied and in turn started detesting the ruling class among Hindus, your mullas and maulvis use God to keep you all together. They say that when they say, “you used to rule”, they mean to say that Muslims used to rule and through Muslims, Allah used to rule. That’s what they do. They con you and you believe them.

But it is futile to reason with you. Honestly, most of you will never be able to read this as well because it is not intended for you. Those of you who will read it are the ones who use the rest of you as fuel for their agenda. They will make sure you never read this. So who am I writing for?

There is a visible distinction between the ordinary, ghetto dwelling, poor, unhealthy, hopelessly brainwashed Muslims of India and the educated, rich/financially secure, comfort seeking Muslims of India. The distinction can be made in the way they go about their lives. The latter type of Muslims don’t bother with the uncomfortable and boring aspects of Islam. They don’t really fast during Ramzaan, they booze, they don’t grow beards or wear skull caps, they throw lavish wedding receptions etc. If the total Muslim population in India is around 200 million, then we are talking about a 100,000 Muslims across India who fall into this category.

Of these, 95% are old rich Muslims associated with the feudal system who stayed back in India because they somehow knew it beforehand that life in Pakistan will not be as fun as it is here. Make no mistake, although they didn’t go there, they made sure Pakistan was created. Its not so easy to understand them. One theory of mine is that they suffer from a severe identity crisis. They want to live like rich non-muslims in India do, but also understand that no matter what they do, they will still be looked upon as Muslims and outsiders which is only natural. So they find themselves in a stupid place. They cant be like the non-muslims nor are they like the common, ordinary Muslims, so where exactly are they? Plus they are not that many in number. I think this identity crisis turned them into spiteful people just like the kid on the playground who nobody wants to play with and pretty soon that kid starts complaining to the parents of the other kids telling them how all the kids were talking about dirty stuff instead of playing cricket and next thing you know nobody is allowed to play anymore. All the money and power has not been able to steer them away from the way they identify themselves. They see their survival dependent upon the continued support for the cause of Islam to ensure their own physical and financial security.

Then there are those Muslims who worked for a living and then reached at a place where they can be now included in the same group as the other ones. They see what is happening and what the agenda is but they are but a miniscule of the overall population and hence irrelevant. They would love to be not viewed as followers of a religion which is a problem the world over but they are helpless. You have to understand I am talking about less than 0.25% of the total Muslim population in India. I want to address them now.

My dear educated, financially secure, comfort seeking, working class Muslims of India,

It is time you made yourselves relevant. Let me tell you why. It will be a great tragedy when you, hard-working, honest, civilised citizens of this land, end up paying the price for the actions of the rest of your community. It already is sad because many of you do have to pay a price every now and then when you find yourselves discriminated against. I know. Trust me, this is not a drunken tirade directed towards an ex-girlfriend. I have seen you, I know many of you and I feel bad for you. But as you can see, the rest of your community is on a path of self-destruction. They wouldn’t be if they knew the reality and were not shielded from the truth but you know it better than I do that misinformation and propaganda, it is something which has been the preferred tool for those among you who seek conflict for a long time now. The question you should be asking is how this will affect you? Trust me, your answer will not be that different from our answer because we are the same type of people other than the fact that you are on that side of the line and we on the other side. You are no less in danger from the Islamic agenda then we are. I mean you will not be killed instantly, they will have you give up everything you hold dear, freedom, liberty, way of life and if you resist then probably you will see the same fate as us, the non-believers. You know it is true. There are many like you in Islamic countries who are looking for a way out. Many have already moved out. You know what happens in Islamic countries, you know what happens when militant hardliners become dictators and your silence towards your community’s infarctions will come back to haunt you. It will get to us first but once they are done with us, they will come for you. Maybe you have accepted your fate and have adopted a policy of inaction because you feel that until such a day comes, you will live freely and then you will give up and join the rest of them. Maybe that’s what has happened. I sincerely hope that is not the case.

You can contribute a great deal. Within the community, you can spread awareness. You should encourage reform. If our body is the hardware, then religion is the software. Like all software, religion too must be regularly updated to ensure smooth operations. A bug report needs to be sent and the bugs need to be resolved. There has been no reform in the Islamic world since we first heard the term ‘Islamic World’. The only thing we have seen is women being allowed to drive in Saudi this past year. While the BBC and CNN were going ga-ga over it, I was actually sad. It was sad to see that such a rudimentary thing, took such a long time to happen in a country which is supposed to be the beacon of the Islamic world. It is beyond deplorable the dogmatic conditions which prevail in Islamic countries.

It has to be you. Not the people in the entertainment industry. Not the politicians. It must be you. You must initiate the discourse within Muslims for accepting a simple truth that not everything which is written in the book, must be followed to the letter. In my opinion it never was suitable but even if you find it difficult to accept, I’d say that something which was written 1500 years ago, the chances are that a lot of it is no longer relevant today. Just like laws made during the British occupation of India are no longer relevant today, a lot of the stuff in all religious texts is not relevant anymore because the world has changed a lot and anyone who does not accept this is separating themselves from the rest of the world and that is exactly what is happening with your community. As a result, in order to deal with you guys, the rest of us also have to for the course of this conflict, re-embrace our religious identities but we know it is only temporary and once the issue has been dealt with, we will go back to our lives and keep regularly updating our software.

We are aware the risks your contribution bears for you but pretty soon, you will see a lot of us, those on the other side taking great risks to ensure that this issue is addressed and resolved at the earliest. What exactly will be the outcome I can’t say, but it is going to happen. You need to pick a winner and then join that side.

And finally, my people. Those for whom this is the most difficult time. The most benevolent, most resilient people anywhere in the world, it is time for “Us”, to take some giant steps to make up for the lost ground.

“ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – JFK

My dear real minority,

As you can see, this is a result of years of suffering and silence. The suffering was mandatory and the silence was voluntary. It is a double whammy. The suffering has left us in disarray, disorganised, disgruntled, disenchanted and desensitised. The silence has rendered us unwanted, marginalised and bullied. It is one blow after another. As a result, we have adopted a policy of not giving a fuck. We work twice as hard to make sure that the stuff which bothers us, does not get to us. Still, only few of us manage that. Most of us still have to keep the lube handy as at any time, we might need to apply it and bend over. It is different now, previously it used to be an invisible penetrator, you know, I mean you felt it but you didn’t know who it was. Now, there is a barbershop quartet which is the opening act and then the violator walks in to the tent like Khal Drogo and, well you know what happens next to Daenerys. Even as I write this I have to use humour to keep myself articulate because the feeling inside is just too chaotic to be coherent.

What can I say? If you have made it this far you know that we are at a crossroads. The path that we embark upon today, will certainly shape the future. It is a momentous choice. Some of you may not agree with the way I have drawn the line. You could feel as if the line should have been between us, i.e. the real minority, and all those who are not us. Let me clarify, I used to see “us” as not having a religion but I was wrong. Clearly some of “us” do. The ones who do, are all Muslims. When it became clear that they were not a part of “us”, I began to wonder whether they then were a part of the rest of our nation’s citizens. The answer is no. It is such a tragedy, but the reality is they are neither us nor them. The thing that makes them difficult to categorise is because everyone who is not them, is inherently secular and tolerant and cannot get themselves to make the distinction on the grounds of religion. Our conscience simply doesn’t allow it. But the truth is, there is only one category under which we can place them and that is that they are all, one religion and one people. That is why the line now begs to be drawn between them and those who are not them. On one side of the line it is us, the real minority along with the rest of the citizens of India and on the other side of the line are them, the Muslims.

So many of them, were viewed as having moved on and adopted a progressive outlook. Laurels were heaped on them, there was a fascination towards them, back in 60’s and 70’s there always used to be a character in the movies who was a Muslim and he was depicted as the most trustworthy and bravest of the friends who would die while protecting his friends or while saving the honour of an ‘abla nari’, they were declared as custodians of Hindustani Classical Music, they had a monopoly over the entertainment industry, every possible lie that you could think of was fabricated to maintain that act. That act was blown to bits when BJP won in 2014 and the tipping point was the Ayodhya verdict. Yes, Ayodhya, not CAA is the real cause of all this anarchy, arson and murder being promoted as revolution. I am not lashing out, nor is this an attack on them but unless there are clear signs of reform and progress from their side, we really can’t turn a blind eye to the 200 million in our country because of that one Muslim person in our circles who we know is cool as he drinks and smokes up with us. That person is insignificant and chooses to remain insignificant but the day the accounting will be done, you will find him/her on the other side of the ledger and it may well be that in the lead up to the events which unfolded in Delhi, that person has already indicated as to which side they are on.

Some of the ‘art’ which came out of Shaheen Bagh was really insightful. Most of us have not been paying attention but, most of the ‘art’ which was being labelled as ‘helpless cry to preserve the democracy and secular fabric of India and the constitution etc.’ was all being done to give one particular religion a cathartic absolution for their alleged suppression. Interestingly, since 1951, when the first ever census of Independent India took place, all the religions of India have seen a steady decrease in their percentage share of the whole population or have maintained the same share as 1951 except, Islam.

2011 Census
Source: Wikipedia ( a.k.a the holy grail of snowflakes )

As of 2011, they were at 172.2 million and a poster at Shaheen Bagh said, “Burma nahin hain jo chale jayenge, 35 crore hain gale mein atak jayenge”. So, they themselves say that they are at 35 crores that is 350 million. We had them at around 200 million but they seem to know the real numbers and are already boasting about it and the potential damage that number can do. Are you awake yet? If they can breed 175 million in 10 years then at that pace by 2031 you are looking at nearly 500 million Muslims in India. But let us stick to reported numbers. Indonesia has the highest number of Muslims living anywhere in the world at 229 million and Pakistan was second at 202.6 million according to a report by the Pew Research Center in 2017. India was third on the list home to 11% of the global Muslim population. By 2050, we Indians will have the largest Muslim population anywhere in the world. That day is less than 30 years away. So if you are 30 right now, and are thinking about having a kid, think again. Research also shows that by the end of this century, i.e. in another 80 years, Islam will surpass Christianity as the largest religion.

My question to you is, what is your strategy? How do you plan to deal with the fact that, so many people in your country whose numbers grow by the day and clearly have no problems with going on rampage and arson and rioting will soon be close to 40-50% of the Indian population? It will happen in our lifetime. Us, who are between 20 and 40 years old, we will see that day when every THIRD person in our country will be a Muslim who does not entertain criticism nor does he initiate reform and neither does he believe in the law. What good is that job, the apartment, the life you have worked for when in another 10 years you could have a civil war type of situation in the country where the army is asked to step in? They have already started to get organised as they can see looming ahead, the Uniform Civil Code, NRC and the biggest stick in the form of a Population Control legislation, all of which will seriously damage their agenda of attaining a majority in India.

This will not stop. This will only increase. If you think that this was just a minor thing, you are killing the next generation. This was a prelude to what would happen if a government, any government for that matter tries to do something remotely offensive to their bullshit notions. This was done to discourage the census. They do not want their real numbers to be revealed. This was done to scare off the government before they could do anything about the Uniform Civil Code. As a result, they successfully have managed a delay in NPR and the guarantee of no imminent plans for a NRC. Because of us, and our inaction, our leaders have had to cave in to their demands. Instead of encouraging them to have a resilient and unyielding policy towards anybody who tries to hold the nation hostage, we abandoned our leaders. While the Jaichands ran for the support of Muslims.

I have given you all enough facts to show that they are not secular, they are not progressive, there is zero reform amongst them, we all know that most of them have very little education and the ones who actually do get educated do not change either. So, you have to come up with a plan here. You need to wake up and get organised. It has to be us first. The educated, intelligent, resourceful people of this country. We are a small bunch but we must get organised because we have within us a capacity to provide. Provide the rest of the non-muslims, the truth about Islam and its goal and the problems that their goal’s pursuit by them creates for the rest of us. There is no way the Muslims can achieve their goal without conflicting with non-Muslims. A rational person would abandon the goal in view of so much conflict, but rational people do not lynch Police constables. Rational people do not light fire to the buses in which they travel. Rational people do not have more children then they can feed. Rational people do not rub a piece of brick over their penis after taking a piss. Rational people do not sleep with their daughter-in-law in the name of Halala. Rational people do not mow down people with trucks. Rational people do not knife random strangers. Rational people do not blow themselves up just so they can kill ten other innocent civilians.

Be prepared to be countered by some arguments questioning the rationality of the rest of us when it comes to gau mutra and Ayurveda. Please, you know, we, us, the ‘us’ I defined in the beginning, we do not believe in those things. So do not let that faze you. As for those who do, do not be embarrassed by them. They are OUR strength. Because of our small number, the united front which needs to be presented to halt the Islamic agenda, cannot be created without the greater majority, we need our brothers and sisters who are not as resourceful, educated and motivated as we are but they are invaluable as ultimately the strength is in numbers. We need them. Just like no ‘educated and progressive’ Muslim will ever display shame or express embarrassment over his backward/conservative community members, we should not. If the Gur Sikh girls have facial hair, let them. Do not shun them. If a Buddhist refuses to wear western clothes, let him. If you see Digambar Jains walking naked somewhere, let them. It is their freedom of religion. Do not shun them or be embarrassed. If a Christian invokes Jesus all the time, let him.

You must break free from this ‘liberal prison’ which you find yourself locked in. The liberal prison is one where you are automatically ushered into if you are found living in a metropolitan city, studying in English medium private institutions. The first thing we start to do upon hitting early adulthood and some of us even before that, is that we start critiquing our country. We soon are presented with the idea that it is our society which is at fault and religion is what governs social systems. This presentation is done by those who I like to call ‘people on the inside’. So we critique our own religion. We try to move as far away from it as possible. We simultaneously reach to the conclusion that our culture as a whole is disgusting and hopeless. We now our dissatisfied with our national identity, our religion and our culture. Basically all that is Indian. While we do this, we suddenly find ourselves as recipients of praise sent our way from the people on the inside. The people on the inside and their approval is a pleasant surprise. Most of the times, in college these people are popular faces. ‘Cool’ students and young faculty members. Their periodic approval acts as peer pressure. So we continue to do what we did in the first place and we up the ante with each effort to garner their praise and soon we are in too deep to be able to climb out. Pretty soon we are referred to as liberals and as you all know, there is no liberal without the left, just like there is no Romeo without Juliet. So, from being a teenage idiot, by the time your first semester is over you are a ‘left liberal’. Even though you have no idea about socialism, have read only a handful of heavily redacted history books and yet to attain maturity, you are part of the army, the Daphli-dissent culture, the sloganeers. You don’t even know that liberationist is a different theory and communists are different and initially Marx disagreed with the liberationists but you are a ‘left-liberal’ nonetheless. Most of us are so deeply entrenched and psychologically dependent on the synthetic support system of the peer group and the identity that we unknowingly end up creating that we cannot analyse it for its merits. Some of us quietly move away but, the peer pressure does not allow us to ever toe a contradictory line. Nowadays the peer pressure has found another way to pressurise and that is through social media. So even on Facebook you are not entirely free to express or disagree. The cancel culture being witnessed worldwide is liberal peer pressure at its ugliest. Crew members take a picture with a retired war hero and tweet it, they are shit bombed and a call for boycotting the airline is sounded out and as a result they have to delete the picture. We must break free from this prison. Most of us never even wanted to be there we just woke up one day and found ourselves in it.

What I mean is, you can be a liberal and not be a leftist. I personally see myself as a Right Liberal. Amused? Why can’t people right of centre be liberals? Maybe in the past it was unconceivable but today not so much. In India itself, people who barely practice their respective religions, are voting for BJP which is supposed to be a right wing party. I go to clubs and bars and my female family members dress the way they want and I sure as fuck do not want any idiot telling them to do otherwise. I find valentine’s stupid but do not mind others doing it and fuckin hate incidents where a bunch of idiots harass couples on valentine’s day in the name of culture. I do not mind nor have a problem with divorces, live-in relationships, the LGBTQIA+, abortions, piercings, tattoos anything which one might say is opposed to the right wing and yet, I prefer BJP over anything else. I don’t give a fuck if somebody eats beef but I reserve the right to object if somebody uses eating beef as a tool for psychological warfare. In today’s world, any country which looks to be a global power cannot drive their country forward while being psychologically stuck in a reverse gear. China, Japan for all their talk about culture and anti-west have adopted all the good things of the west not because they have sold out, because they do not ascribe national identity and cultural integrity to lifestyle choices. It is a lifestyle choice if you wish to wear a type of garment. Our leaders still wear Kurtas and if it is an international event then they go with the Bandhgala but it is fine. Let them use that as a way to represent their nation. At least now, our leaders are not a walking contradiction when they dress Indian and speak foreign like in the past. All this noise about how the right, will fuck your life up. We have seen the right wing party rule before during Atal ji and have been living under right wing rule since 2014. In many cases we have it in the state also but has the booze stopped? Have the clubs closed? Have abortions become illegal? Have lingerie shops shut down? I mean what the fuck guys? Wake up to the reality that you can lead a liberal life while still voting for the right. Be proud and say it out loud that you are a right liberal.

Why the vindication of the right? Well to begin with they were never wrong and were demonised while being falsely accused of everything the left used to do. I really sometimes feel that way before Christopher Nolan came up with Inception, the practice had already been in use by the commies and they placed this idea in the mind of as many people they could grab hold of that the right was wrong and the left was right.

Just look around. Communist states have had the worst human rights scenarios. Mass killings of dissident citizens were done by Stalin and Mao. The number is in millions. Even today, China although a fake communist state, has Doctors vanishing, media censuring and in case of Xinjiang, well I salute them. But in general, wherever Left ruled, be it in South America or Europe or Asia, civil war, crime, poverty and human rights violations were abound. The commies had allies in drug traffickers and human traffickers and animal traffickers. Wherever a ‘revolution’ was attempted, anti-social elements were given patronage and the cover of being ‘revolutionaries’. Funnily enough, somehow, the right, despite not being relevant enough in the latter half of the twentieth century, was demonised. This is after the fact that the Republicans who are seen as right wing, got the emancipation bill passed and brought slavery to an end, after the fact that the Russian civil war and the consequent victory of the commies, brought the Holodomor and Kazakh famines to innocents and starved millions to death, this is after the fact that Mao killed millions of Chinese citizens in the name of class equality, this is after the fact that Indian National Congress which also is supposedly socialist, so much so that they got the words “socialist and secular” inserted into the preamble of the Indian Constitution, declared emergency to preserve its government, ended up jailing all of opposition, censured the media, banned songs by Kishore Kumar, banned movies and books while the BJP which is seen as right wing came up with the biggest pro poor policies this country has ever seen and at the same time allows citizens, journalists, opposition politicians to abuse the country, the flag, the national song, the armed forces and the Prime Minister. So what’s all the fuss about? Just because all those years ago in France those who sat on the right side of the parliament were in favour of monarchist institutions does not mean that more than 200 years later, the people who are labelled as right wing, want class inequality to flourish. The right, whoever it may be, however badly portrayed it may be, however misunderstood it may be, however ill-equipped to handle some of your areas of concern it may be, it is the only option if you want to stop this country from being ravaged.

It is simple, Muslim advocates and sympathisers the world over, are predominantly left of centre. Which means, those who know the truth about Muslims and their agenda and are unwilling to pull their pants down and assume the doggy position, have to choose the other side. The other side is the right. It is as simple as that. No two ways about it. It is not left versus right. The left see it like that I know, but truly, it is Islam versus the world. And if the left sides with Islam as it has been, maybe to use it as a ladder to achieve a boundary less society with no need for the state system, which is very similar to the concept of Ummah in Islam, well then everyone who is not a follower of Islam and is not a leftist, has to get organised. The right is the sworn enemy of the left so this fight cannot be fought without the right, without us, the real minority and the common man who has no idea about left and right but wants to live, enjoys freedom and liberty.

This is not a call to arms. This is not a pogrom manifesto. This is not religious hatred. This may well be a self-written fatwa. This could possibly be career suicide. In reality this is future planning. Do you want to show up to a gun fight unarmed? When the other side is in a perennial state of conflict with you and you are busy baking lasagne and shopping on Amazon, how do you plan to survive? Just like our ancestors a thousand years ago you are going to be caught sleeping, unawares, in mid thrust when the hordes descend. I am convinced that there is no after life but if there is, I can only imagine the pain they must be feeling right now when they see us not learning from their mistakes and not honouring their sacrifice. It is time to turn the tide. It is time to start flexing. Time to show our strength and resolve towards the nation’s safeguarding. Safeguarding our way of life.

The purpose of this is to alleviate ourselves from the unholy burden of secular guilt that was placed on our backs through lies. In the period leading up to the independence, the Indian masses simply wanted the nightmare to end, they were promised freedom and self-rule and that was all they wanted, so much so that they did not pay much attention to the way the freedom was being achieved and failed to see that the secular stand taken by Gandhi Ji and Nehru was redundant as the freedom itself was being achieved on a communal ground. The façade of secularism was unwarranted as all the major religious groups of India got along with each other as they were in essence, Indian. It was only for Islam which was profoundly alien and proud in its assertion as a separate group that all the noise about secularism rose. Whether it was fear or plain stupidity, we will never know but what we do know is that the violence that ensued after the partition of Punjab should have broken the slumber of all those who were advocating a secular state as that violence was testament to Islam’s incompatibility and the fallacy of a secular state in Indian context. Gandhi Ji had long claimed that everyone in India was capable of living together, his claims were laid to ruins with the Aligarh/Pakistan movement and rise of people like Jinnah. Even then, the Muslim masses were drawn towards extremist, communal and intolerant views of people like Jinnah the same way in which today, people like Irfan Habib are preferred by Muslims over someone like an Arif Mohammed Khan. Somewhere I feel that maybe Gandhi Ji himself in his final days may have come to accept that he overestimated or misunderstood the people. Nehru was hell bent to prove the prophecies done by westerners wrong and also prove that his views were relevant and achievable. He proceeded in the most brazen manner in pursuit of that, the pinnacle of which can be viewed in his shock and displeasure at Rajendra Prasad when the President agreed to attend the opening of the Somnath temple. Nehru’s was a personal battle, a battle of ego. He was asking the recipients of almost a millennium of oppression to embrace their oppressors and at the same time asking people who are forbidden to get along with non-believers to get along with the non-believers and live together. For India to be truly secular, which basically means harmony between Muslims and non-muslims, Nehru was hoping for, a reconciliation of epic proportions. Probably the biggest in the history of mankind and that too, by people who were poor, starved, illiterate and for the first time in their lives, experiencing freedom. That reconciliation should have happened within the first decade instead, the gap only increased and now that gap between Muslims and everyone else is on the verge of turning into an open battlefield.

The purpose of this is to make sure our young do not live tamed lives for fear of being ostracised if they disagree with the commie mob. For too long we have allowed our people to get misguided and used by these enemies of humanity for their own purpose, it is time we strengthen ourselves and drive them into the ground with the burden of truth.

All of us need to get active, figure out our roles and responsibilities. We need to start contributing. There is a limited window for us to make sure that we don’t go extinct in this country. That window will collapse the day people like Modi are no longer our leaders. Let our leaders know that they have our full support. That will give them strength to make tough decisions. We must start a dialogue amongst us to address the problem that we face today in the form of religious anarchy by Muslims. The young among us need to strengthen their positions in the battleground our universities have turned into today. We must provide them the confidence they need by no longer letting lies spread. The debates in the universities should be won by us and not the commie brigade. The battleground of social media needs to witness what an anti-jihad and anti-communism tsunami looks like. For every jihadi bot out there on twitter, ten of us should come forward. A united and enlightened front is what the world needs today. We are letting one group get away with everything while the rest stand in queue awaiting their turn to get devoured. We need to get on the same page and hopefully after reading this we are a little closer to unity than we were before.

There is a scene in The Deer Hunter. The prisoners of war are being forced to play Russian roulette at gunpoint. Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken have had a nightmarish tour of Vietnam. They are mentally and emotionally broken. They are desperate to stay alive and for that they need to get out at any cost. The Viet Cong (VC), has nothing but hatred for them. He derives sadistic pleasure watching his enemies shitting their pants, crying and then eventually blowing their brains out. His comrades stand behind him holding weapons and laughing. Upon realising that it is going to be either him or his dear friend who will die, De Niro has no option but to take his chances. So he does something which surprises the VC but is also too tempting for the VC to resist. Knowing full well that the VC is blinded by hatred for them and that his comrades will also not intervene as long as their entertainment goes on, De Niro puts three bullets into the revolver. Now the VC has a big erection at this point. He is about to have an orgasm as the person he hates is about to blow his brains out, he is about to ejaculate when something happens, which he could never imagine, which his sheer hatred for his enemy blinded him from seeing.

We are not that different. We have been driven out of our minds with frustration and anger over the way things have been happening. We are also being held prisoner but what is worse, we are being held prisoners in our own country. They want to see us break down and eventually die. As I said, this is not a manifesto. Had it been one, I would’ve laid out specific steps we need to take in order to fight the enemies of mankind together but I am more than aware of how different our lives are. Even those of us who form the real minority have very different lives let alone the difference between our lives and those who are toiling to be a part of the real minority. So there are no specific things to do, instead what I wish to achieve through this is that we become conscious of this threat and take steps in our respective spheres to thwart its progress. It doesn’t matter what you do, all of us, in our own way can contribute. I might as well be calling for a class consciousness but for a totally different purpose. I can only imagine the pain this will cause to the commie mob because they thought they had a copyright over it.

Unlike the communist manifesto which ends with a call for a violent overthrow and global revolution and asking for all the workers to unite, this will not. I am not even going to ask you to vote for anyone particular. I leave the choice up to you, I leave it up to you to decide whether the issues discussed have merit, deserve your attention and demand action. In light of the existential threat that we face now, your action and equally inaction, will certainly shape the outcome.

Finally, to those who raised slogans such as ‘tera mera rishta kya, la illaha….’, ‘Kashmir se, assam ke musalmanon se, jamia se, philisteen se rishta kya, la illaha…” and those who feel invincible while reciting Hum Dekhenge, another one was Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega which also was praised a lot, you have been an inspiration and here are a few of my own inspired lines. They are nowhere near your literary masterpieces but still, they help me sleep at night.

Tera mera rishta kya?

Rin hai raani ke jauhar ka,

Yaad rakhna hai Veer Shiromani Pratap ke charitra ko,

Jab aaya tha sankat uske ghar pe, uthayi thi us ne talwar raksha karne ko,

Maan rakhna hai uske shaurya ka, jin logon ne di pranon ki ahuti,

Unhon ne kiya apne balidaan se sringar tera Ma Bharti.

Hai khoon yeh bharat maa ka, jo bahega iske samman ke liye,

Nahin hone di haivanon ki iccha poori, khada tha saamne Veer Shivaji,

Us Shiva ke parakram ko hai yaad rakhna, tumhare Aurangzeb ka hai naam mitana,

Yeh deh hai samarpit bharatvarsh ko, mera aur tera hai yeh rishta,

Rin chukana hai Guru Arjan ki shahadat ka, rin hai Guru Teg Bahadur ke sheesh ka,

Rin hai Amar Jawanon ka.

Abhi bhi bhoomi hai lal haldighati ki, sunayi deti hain cheekhein Jalianwala Bagh mein abhi bhi,

Punjab ki mitti nahin sookhi abhi, mat bhoolna keemat azaadi ki,

Trast hai yeh bharatvarsh, gaddaron se, dagabaazon se,

Ab hai isko azaad karna, tera mera rishta hai yehi,

Jhuk na paaye tiranga kabhi.

Hum Dekhenge?

Tum ne aaj tak jo nahin hai dekha, karo dua ke woh dekh ne ko na mile,

Mit jayeingi minarein saari dhool mein, dua karo ke humein yaad na aa jaye,

Jab tode the tum ne mandir, jab kiya tha khandit tumne Somnath ko,

Tumne tha lalkaara Shankar ko teesra netra khol ne ko,

Uske bhakt jab utarenge pratishodh lene, tab hum dekhenge,

Kiska naam rahega aur kiska nishaan bhi nahin bachega.

Jab goonjegi Mahadev ke beton ki lalkaar, na dekha jayega chehra na aakaar,

Tum bhi ho aur hum bhi hain, hum dekhenge jab khuleingi Jata us Vinashak ki,

Tab beh jayeinge woh jinho ne ki bhool use jagaane ki,

Hum dekhenge woh din kis ka rahega, aur woh sham kaun nahi dekh payega.

Durga ka kiya tumne apmaan, Ram ko di tumne chunauti,

In paapiyon ki chadegi bali charnon mein tere Bhawani,

Isah bhi tumhare, Ayodhya bhi tumhari?

Jerusalem bhi tumhara, chahiye tumhe Kaashi Bhi?

Pavitra kareinge is dharti ko, yaad hai humein Guru ka sankalp abhi bhi,

Jab utarenge Khalsa maidan mein, chhup na sakoge kisi bhi minar mein,

Tumne ladaya bhai ko bhai se, Hindu ko Sardar se,

Ab kahan jaaoge, nikal chukka hai teer ab baan se,

Jo dekhna chahte ho, dekhne ko na mile karo iski dua upar wale se.

Hum dekhenge tum kab tak ho, kitne aur samay tak iska hisaab tum laga lo,

Ab na chalega kisi aur ka naam, karna padega Bharat ko salaam,

Warna Sab ke janaaze uthaye jayeinge, saare gumbad giraye jayeinge,

Jis din ka tumhein intezaar hai, woh suryodaya jab hoga,

Usko tum na dekh paoge, tum ek kissa ban ke reh jaaoge,

Aur naam roshan hoga Bharat ka.

Sab yaad rakha jayega?

Chup bhosadi ke.

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