A line at the bottom of the screen on BBC reads, “Rioters were heard chanting slogans used by Hindu lynch mobs.” Mamta Banerjee goes on to declare all Bangladeshi’s living in West Bengal as citizens. Harsh Mandar calls for a fight for justice on the streets reminiscent of the call for Direct Action all those years ago. Ankit Sharma, the Intelligence Bureau officer whose naked body was recovered from a drain with multiple stab wounds, is reported to have been killed to send a message and a Bangladeshi gang of criminals are the prime suspect of the investigation. A video shows how the ‘sherniya’(lionesses) resort to the trademark practice of cowards by pelting stones at police and yet, the Jaichands and Shiladityas of today seek Amit Shah’s resignation.

As an educated man I can’t help but think that this, all of this has to be rooted in lack of information. It has to be. Why else would anyone do this? It is either lack of information or, information acquired from unscrupulous teachers and infected sources. There simply cannot be, so many Jaichands. I feel terrible when I see 19 year old girls on Azad Maidan, holding placards, and talking about the people who have lost their identification documents in floods! All it took was an asshole from Bollywood who thinks he can direct, act, sing and now, be a leader and a few misleading posts on facebook by the propaganda machine to get these vulnerable minds to go do that. The way I see it, there were a few Jaichands to begin with, then they made some new Jaichands, and the new ones then made more like them, these Jaichands found their way into our universities, they became faculty members, Jaichands taught many and those students found their way into our bureaucracy, the press and the spread goes on till today. It is the great upside down of our land and our upside down unlike the one in Stranger Things is probably heat resistant.

You need enemies within, in order to break up a team, organisation or country for that matter. It was simply unbelievable a few years back when we saw those visuals from JNU. Remember that? Yes you do. You knew it back then that shit was going to go down and you, we, us we didn’t do anything and guess what, shit is going down and once again we must decide. If I could I definitely would go back in time and eliminate every single Jaichand starting from the original one all those years back when he betrayed Prithviraj Chauhan. Interesting fact, the Jaichands of today, who have other aliases such as Romila Thapar, Bipan Chandra, Satish Chandra etc. have disowned the betrayal of Jaichand. Now, to you, it’s the last thing on your to-do list for the week to find out why the fuck and what the fuck for? But, the propaganda machine never stops. The poor Hindus try and find solace in things. You know, when they sit down and exhale and then wonder how it got to the point where everyone,  politicians, common man, everyone must visit a dargah to prove that they are nice and secular but no muslim politico, common man ever visits Kashi Vishwanath or Tirupati? In that moment they try and find some solace in the fact that if Hindus were united back in the day, assholes like Ghori and Babur would never have won. But, little do they know, that the Jaichands and Shiladityas of today, are making sure that even that sweet imagination is not an option for Hindus of India. They have rejected the betrayal of Jaichand as having played any role in the defeat of Prithviraj, they have outright rejected the facts about temple desecration and declared Mahmud Ghazni as a tolerant man, they have eulogised Mughals as tolerant, secular people but have made sure that no mention of the real secular Muslims such as Bismillah Khan, Abdul Kalam, Abdul Hamid is done, the Jaichands lament Yakub Memon, Afzal Guru, the Batla House Encounter, Ishrat Jahan, but if we, us, we unite today, the betrayal of the Jaichands of today, will never be forgotten nor will its existence ever be denied.

 Most of this is fear. The Jaichands are a coward bunch. They are scared that if the Hindus start thinking about unity, things might go bad for them. They will be out of business. That is why anything which can even in the smallest of ways contribute to a united Hindu front, has to be nipped in the bud. They have thought about this at length. They have committed manpower and resources to it. How come Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s speech where he talks about his Afghanistan visit, never finds a place in Dalit rallies? How come Bhima Koregaon is celebrated every year but as a good vibes thing, that speech is not played? What greater admission of truth, and call for unity is there in the history of our country than what he said in that speech? The Jaichands who call themselves Dalit leaders, will die before they let that to be used because, that speech, those words if understood and acted upon, if that message gets through the only cinch in our armour will be mended and then, the Islamists will no longer be able to talk about anyone except themselves. They used the Sikhs for a while, during the Khalistan movement, slogans such as, “muslim-sikh bhai bhai, yeh hindu quom kahan se aayi”(muslims & Sikhs are brothers,where have the Hindus sprung from) used to be raised but thankfully majority of the Sikhs, knew their history and did not side with them. Nowadays they are desperately clinging on to the Dalits, the Islamists do not want the entire spotlight and attention on them. They want a few pals so that the anti-Hindu agenda can be masqueraded as a bipartisan, secular opposition.

Jaichand’s are a selfish bunch. They only see what benefits them now. So, if foreign funds for their NGOs stop, it bothers them. If their selfish attitude is exposed, it bothers them. If they are forced to change their ways, it bothers them and as we all know, in order to make sure nothing tragic befalls them, the Jaichands will side with the enemy. There is no friend or foe as far as they are concerned. What matters to them is their personal gain. Now I know what you are thinking, that these assholes too will have to pay the price when Islamists succeed, you are wrong, these assholes, the Jaichands and Shiladityas will be the first among us to convert to Islam. They are already doing so much of it, visiting dargahs, attending iftaar parties, some of them wear tabeez in their necks, that it will be a very natural and easy transition for them. The super secular, I know some of them, even fast during Ramzaan. So, you thinking that they will also have to pay a price, buddy you are mistaken. When the Muslim invaders used to rule, how come all our ancestors remained Hindus and did not convert? Many took the easy way out, they shouted, “Abandon ship” and became Muslims, but at the same time so many others did not. Contrary to what they will have you believe, that majority of Hindus who converted were oppressed Hindus who accepted Islam to gain equality, almost all the conversions were done on the edge of the sword. The ‘depressed classes’ numbered in the millions and they still do despite the fact that many of them converted to Buddhism and Christianity later on. Think about that. How did our ancestors remain Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists? They must have either fought back, died fighting or, they were fortunate enough that their regional King cut a deal with those in Delhi, still somehow our ancestors survived the era when there was no meter to gauge whether what was happening qualified as a violation of human rights, war crimes or crimes against humanity, and we grew up to lead lives of freedom and liberty, free from the fear of God, the Jaichands and Shiladityas of today want to take that away.

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