It’s Modi. Muslims are scared shitless of Modi. They are also very angry with him because 2002 Gujarat is the only incident of communal violence in the history of modern India, note I am not simply talking about post-independence India but as back as 1700’s, it is the only time, when Muslims outnumbered Hindus in the number of deaths. That’s ALL! THAT’S IT! That is why Muslims hate Modi, are scared of Modi and want him gone or worse. 290 Hindu and 780 Muslim deaths were witnessed in Gujarat in 2002. Every other Hindu-Muslim riot, has seen the graph terribly skewed in favour of Muslims barring the Gujarat riots. That was seen as a defeat. People who have been told all their lives, on a weekly basis, on every Friday evening that they are the chosen ones, the most powerful, the bravest, saw Gujarat as a defeat. The first one in a long, long, long, long time. That’s gotta sting!

Furthermore, another issue of concern for Muslims is the glimmer of hope Hindus now seem to have. In Modi, the Hindus of India, who have been equated to Nazis, to the worst form of life for the oppressive/discriminatory caste system, have finally some hope that maybe somebody will now give a shit about them too. The Hindu of India, who has been shamed and given psychological trauma by mocking their faith, questioning the veracity of their mythological tales, pushed to the Supreme Court for acquisition of land for a temple of the one deity which every Hindu is supposed to try and emulate, the Muslims fear that this meek, gullible, ugly Hindu might gain some confidence and that is simply unacceptable to them. These idol worshippers and music lovers, whose women used to be skimpily dressed, these scum of the earth, who deserve to die should under no circumstance be allowed to regain any of their lost confidence, is what an Islamist thinks like. Only an idiot seeks to rationalise mythology and that’s what Zakir Naik used to do, he used to mock Hinduism and question birth of Ram, entire Ramayan and everything else which Hindus hold dear. Well, so long Zakir.

Another cause of this unbearable pain is probably the biggest reason why the Indian Muslim is now up in arms. Modi and BJP-RSS, are looking to spoil the party. The grand strategy of Islam, to out populate non-muslims and then run riot, has at least in India for the time being, run into a roadblock in the form of Modi. A lot of talk among non-muslims already exists that the day Muslim numbers are enough for them to take a shot, they will and then there will be a civil war. Now the reason why such concerns exist is because, our Muslim brothers and sisters have made it absolutely clear that they view themselves as Muslims first and that is their identity. Seriously, if you read the Quran, al-baqarah in itself is enough to show you where they are coming from. It is not their fault. Its what they have agreed to. In the quran, there is a clear distinction between the believers and the non-believers. The non-believers are doomed according to quran. They are fuel for the fire and will burn eternally. Another thing is that their God, the one true God owns the entire planet.

151. We will throw terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they attribute to God partners for which He revealed no sanction. Their lodging is the Fire. Miserable is the lodging of the evildoers.

– Quran Chapter 3 ali-imran Verse 151

You don’t see Hindus making claims that the entire world belongs to Ram or Shankar, even the Christians are no longer on a crusade for Christ, but its different with Muslims. They actually do believe in that. That is why Indian Muslims express anger over Israel, and Bangladeshi Muslims made sure that temples were bulldozed after the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The Muslims view the entire Muslim population of the world as one big ass family, they call it ummah. So, not including Muslims in the CAA, in their view is discrimination towards them and that is cause enough to burn shit and break shit and as it turns out throw acid on the police. The level of frustration that creeps in when you see idiots who do not even understand CAA, protest against it, is enough to pop a blood vessel. But as time goes on, I realise they don’t even want to understand the bill, in their mind, the final straw has been drawn, Modi-Shah have crossed the lakshman rekha it seems, it is the 15th round and they can only win by a knockout.

The way in which CAA has been projected by Muslims and their allies, which basically includes every BJP opponent, is a perfect example of just how important propaganda really is. They didn’t come up with the idea of that roadblock in the beginning. It was only after they got their asses kicked by the police that they happened upon the idea of using women and children because no one would use force against them. Once the blockade was in place, they turned it into what they think will be the source of a massive revolution which will drown all the kafirs and install the rule of Allah on this land. Then why do we, us, get shocked when we get to listen to slogan such as, “azaadi, in kafiron se azaadi”(freedom from the kafirs) ? Why get annoyed when you see banners reading “Fuck Hinduism”? Why get confused when you see “free Kashmir” posters or, my personal favourite, a poster which read “370 ka, 3 talak ka, babri masjid ka, CAA ka, sab ka badla lega tera Faizal” (will avenge abolishment of article 370, will avenge criminalizing triple talaq, will avenge the Ram Janmabhoomi verdit, will avenge the passing of the CAA bill) .

Avenge what? Solutions to problems that plagued our country? You want to avenge that? For the first time, we have a guy, who does not care about his image, his legacy, his kid’s future in politics, does not give two shits about what the world will say when he stands in a packed Wembley stadium and admits that toilets need to be built. As a kid who went out of the country at a young age, one of the most frequent taunts I had to face were regarding the open defecation epidemic in India. Yup, you know what I’m talking about. Little girls, you want to see what a dick looks like, just catch a local around 6:30 from Borivali to Bandra, you’ll see all kinds of them. I mean, the shit Modi had to deal with, toilets, roads, electricity, cooking gas, bank frauds, disastrous health and education system, the gaping hole in our foreign policy, outdated defence equipment, undersupplied forces and all this while he is attacked by the very people for whom he is working. I have to say, so much sacrifice, such ghastly lack of recognition, he’s one of us. He belongs to the minority.

As I mentioned before, the idea that they are the victims is the biggest con in the history of mankind. I remember when triple talaq was being dealt with, a maulana on one of the channels was saying that of all the religions of the world, Islam has the best provisions for women, and is the most gender equal. I mean guys, just the audacity of such statements. This audacity exists because we don’t give a shit, otherwise we would be taking these guys up on their claims and then countering them by asking, “really? What about the fact that in quran it is stated that while a woman is menstruating, the husband should not touch her for 3 days? What about the fact that women have been described as men’s cultivation in quran?”

222. And they ask you about menstruation: say, “It is harmful, so keep away from women during menstruation. And do not approach them until they have become pure. Once they have become pure, approach them in the way God has directed you.” God loves the repentant, and He loves those who keep clean.”

223. Your women are cultivation for you; so approach your cultivation whenever you like, and send ahead for yourselves. And fear God, and know that you will meet Him. And give good news to the believers.

– Quran, Chapter 2 al baqarah Verses 222,223

34. Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, as God has given some of them an advantage over others, and because they spend out of their wealth. The good women are obedient, guarding what God would have them guard. As for those from whom you fear disloyalty, admonish them, and abandon them in their beds, then strike them. But if they obey you, seek no way against them. God is Sublime, Great.

-Quran, Chapter 4 an-nisa Verse 34

Now that’s something the likes of Arundhati Roy probably don’t know and even if they did, they will never talk about. It is something that even Barkha Dutt might not know but what she does know and will bring up while hosting a discussion on state of women in Islam is that other religions are also misogynistic and then she cites the Sabarimala issue but instead of keeping it limited to Sabarimala, she casually extends it to all the temples of India only to be rebutted by Ayan Hirsi Ali to keep the discussion focused on Islam and not dilute it.

Just like Farhan Akhtar did not hold a rally to end triple talaq, Naseeruddin Shah did not celebrate the Ayodhya verdict as it concluded the matter for good and hope for a new beginning, Islamists keep peddling shit and we keep mum. To the extent that today morning, I was contemplating life a little more than I usually do. Reason for that is, there is a Pink Floyd album called Meddle, in that album is a song called Echoes, it is a 23 minute track wherein is a section that starts around I guess 7 minutes into the song and lasts for about 3 minutes. The bass playing in that section, the overall experimental sound of that record, A Saucerful of Secrets record, Dark Side of The Moon record and The Wall record, these make up for Roger Waters’ illustrious work in Pink Floyd as a multi-instrumentalist and an unconventional artist. Pink Floyd is one of my favourite bands and has influenced many other artists I like. Today morning I woke up to a video of Roger Waters where he was handed a small piece of paper and he read it. It was a poem written by some guy recently in the wake of CAA protests and in order to give the audience the backdrop of the creativity, Roger Waters reads out what was written on the paper and he goes, “this poem is written by so and so, he is fighting against Modi and his racist, fascist Citizenship law..”

Keep reading to find out how the propaganda machine works.

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