How Women Should Behave – The Taliban Way Of Life

A New World is in the Offing. The Taliban is back with their regressive rules and what have they in store for the women of Afghanistan need no introduction. One can assume that the rules which they followed before will be followed even now.

Savages in liberal cloths

Bravo, Talibans have conducted a press conference! They cheer and applaud the bearded specimen looking like humans. Thumbs down to Indian government for not...

5 D’s of China Diplomacy

China’s game plan to become global superpower hastily costing heavily to the whole world especially developing nations. China is using vilest tactics to expand...

Afghanistan – What Next?

In a swift operation, Taliban took Afghanistan. But, is it the end? Slowly, news is trickling out - of Talibani brutalities, their disregard to Durand Line and to activation of Northern Alliance. It needs to be seen what course the history is going to take.