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Whenever a crackdown on Jihadi agendas surfaces, the social media brigade of jihadists get activated. They run the campaign actively influencing even a decent Muslim to participate against the agencies, activists, and institutions who would have exposed their malicious agendas against the nation and other religions. All this sometimes takes the shape of actual riots on the streets seizing the whole city and the country. Delhi and Bangalore riots in India are recent examples of these Jihadi activities. One can also see that this Jihadi narrative is always backed by the leftists and the left media of that country. So, the question is how to tackle the social media narratives of Jihadists. Here are some tried and tested suggestions on how to tackle them.

  • Ask Them Which Sect of Muslims He/She Belongs

Hindus sometimes stand divided when Jihadists attack them. They divide Hindus on the caste, creed, and language basis, believing that Jihadists themselves are united as a whole Muslim religion. However, the case is not like this. Muslims are also divided in terms of sects, origins, and languages they speak. The recent Karachi protests against the Shia Muslims in Pakistan have exposed the same at the international level. Therefore, study the sects, origins, and languages of Muslims, and when you encounter them on social media, ask them which sect of Muslims he/she belongs to. Is he from Shia, Sunni, Barelvi, Deobandi, Ahmadiyya, Bohra, Khajos sect? The interesting thing is that they consider other sects of Muslims as Kafirs in the same way they view other religions as Kafirs. They fight with each other on various Muslim festivals such as Muharram.

  • Tell Them That They Hated Jews the Most, But Now Arabs Are With Jews

Most of the Muslims across the world consider Arabs as their ideological fathers. Earlier, when Arabs had been against the Jews, the Mullahs across the world hated Jews the most. However, with the mediation of the Trump government of America, Arab countries are now signing the peace treaties with the Jews. Now Arabs will have strong business connections and relationships with the Jews’ Israel. Therefore, if you encounter any Mullah in any Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube comment box spreading hate as usual, after asking his sect one can remind him of the recent development about the peace treaties of Arabs and Jews.

  • Remind them the Plight of Pakistani Muslims

Ahmadi and Shia Muslims have rioted at the time of India’s freedom to get a different country. But after getting a separate country they have started targeting minority Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and Sikhs in East and West Pakistan. When they have eliminated the minorities, they have begun targeting and killing other minority sects of the Muslims itself. Now Sunni majority Mullahs of Pakistan have declared the Shia and Ahmadis as Kafirs or non-muslims. Remind them that they had not been in peace with the east Pakistani Muslims as well. Therefore East Pakistani Muslims have separated from west Pakistani Mullahs and made an independent country called Bangladesh. Remind them of the daily corruption by the Pakistani military generals and the struggle of ordinary Pakistani Muslims for the bread and butter.

  • Tell Them Their Failed Conspiracy Theories

Majority Mullahs easily believe in the conspiracy theories. The majority of them are the believers of flat earth theory, which has been proven wrong by modern scientists. They tease a common Hindu being a cow’s urine drinker when their own Arabic ideological fathers drink and sell camel urine at a vast level. Therefore, whenever a Jihadi teases you for cow’s urine drinker, search the widely available vedios of Arabs drinking camel urine and post them in the comment box. They also ridicule Hindus for the fake babas. However, more fake Maulavies and Tabij Babas in the mullah sections have been accused of various wrong deeds. Search their accusations and update them that fake Maulavies actually commit more rapes and sins than people of other religions.

The above-suggested methods actually work when asking a mullah for his sect. He believes that the caste and sect system only exists in Hinduism, not in Muslims. When he gets educated in his sect system and discrimination, he gets to calm and downplays himself. Also, tell them that they are actually converted Muslims, not the actual ones for which the Arabs call them the Maskeens, not the Muslims. They are always treated not on par with Arabic Muslims when they visit abroad in any Arabic country. Remind them that major riots and bomb blasts across the world happened with the Muslim involvements. This is why extra security checks are done when a Muslim visits abroad. Above all this, reminding a Jihadi about his sect helps a lot as they themselves consider each other Kafirs. All these methods work well, and hopefully, by telling all this to a social media Jihadist, we can discourage him/her from violence anywhere. 

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